Mow, mow, mow my lawn

When we went searching for our first (and only) home, my husband declared that he wanted a lawn small enough that he could cut it with a weed-wacker. Whatever happened to that criterion?

We ended up with a block’s worth of side strip lawn, and a large-ish awkwardly shaped lawn on a slight slope. As if that isn’t enough, there is also a very bumpy, mossy, dandelion entrenched, strange-shaped back yard.

We gave up on the weed-wacker idea. But did opt for a push mower.

The pluses for a push mower:
-environmentally friendly (no gas or electricity used)
-no long extension cords (a la electric mower)
-lawn clipping naturally dispersed as you push
-scissor cutting is better for your grass than tear cutting
-no noise pollution (actually it makes a lovely swishing noise as it cuts)
-great workout! No other workouts needed for the weekend
-nothing to break
-the kids think it looks fun and you can get some free labor out of them

All that said, it took me 2.5 hours to mow the lawn last weekend. 150 minutes. NOT how I wanted to spend an entire weekend afternoon when I have so little daylight hours at home.

Aside from hiring someone to mow our lawn, I’m not sure what else to do. Suggestions?

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  1. wow that would be a work out, but I’m not sure I’d want to devote that amount of time to my lawn every week! good for you

  2. we have a push mower too… last year it took me forever, but then this year, I got the blades sharpened- Wow! What a difference!

  3. Wow, environmentally friendly or not, there’s no way I’d want to mow lawn that way!! As much as I love spring and summer, in May and June, we often have to mow three times a week. It takes BOTH me with the gas mower and hubby with the tractor at least an hour and a half to complete the whole yard. I actually enjoy mowing, but spending almost 6 hours a week at it…. not so much. But lest this starts to sound like complaining, it beats winter any day!!

  4. Rella, where can I get the blades sharpened??

  5. You could consider converting part of your current yard space to a veggie garden!

  6. Jenny, I actually did that last year. But so few veggies actually grew that I don’t think I’ll put all the labor (and money) into expanding it….

  7. Maybe no-mow grass? oh man. That’s a lot of work. Most hardware stores can tell you the name of a blade sharpener (they’re usually indie guys–so don’t ask Home Depot for the referral, go to Ace or Hardware Hank or whoever else is a hardware specialist.)

  8. My hubby’s theory on saving money with the price of gas being so high is to not move the lawn this year. Yeah, I don’t think that’s going to happen, but me may cut back on how often we do mow it.

  9. The Amish neighbors of ours use those mowers. I seriously want to fence in most of our 3 acre yards and let the horses chew on it.

  10. Has your push mower been sharpened lately?

    I remember mowing the lawn of an Amish family for a service project and using their perfectly sharp and well tuned push mower. It cut that grass like a hot knife through sift butter. It was amazing. I’ve wanted to use a push mower but have no idea how to keep it sharp like that.

  11. environmentally friendly I must say you are a better friend to the environment then I. Like valleygirl I don’t think I would ever devote that sort of time each week to mow the lawn.

  12. EEk! Ive always wanted to try but if its that much work maybe not lol

  13. You rock CC!! We have a gas mower… and I don’t see us giving that up. ๐Ÿ™‚ As far as getting blades sharpened – I think Scott has sharpened ours (for our gas mower) on his own. If not, he might know where you can get it done. ??

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  15. You are way out of my league now…We have no lawn in the Big City:(

  16. I’d love to have a goat, even if it was just so I wouldn’t have to wack the weeds. lol Unfortunately, we can’t have one in the suburbs. I do have a manual push mower though, and I really enjoy it. I can go out and cut the grass in the evening, after the heat of the day has passed, and none of the neighbors care if I mow while they watch tv. I know that it tends to take a bit more time, but *I* can use the exercise. lol

  17. You almost had me convinced to get one … until the 150 minutes part.

    Wish I had some advice. I’m terrible in the greenery department.

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