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Sheep in a Jeep

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One of my all-time favorite board books, Sheep in a Jeep perfectly blends short rhymes ( pre -literacy skill) with short sentences and fabulous rhythm. The adorable pictures and amusing story make this a true winner. But to top it off, it introduces higher-level vocabulary into a seemingly toddler story, making this board book good for many ages. I think it is much better than the other “sheep” books.

I can recite this story from memory, in my sleep, while doing somersaults. It’s that good. 😉

Speech Therapy ideas:

1. Great book for practicing rhyming. Find all the – eep words. Have your child guess what word will come next. Think of other – eep words.

2. Some children have difficulties with final consonant sounds in their speech. Practice final /p/ with a big puff of air to over-emphasize the final sound on each of the rhymes.

3. If you child can sometimes, but not always, produce the “sh” sounds, talk about what the sheep are doing with good “sh”.

4. This book is full of action. Describe what is happening or what happened using good ” ing ” verbs or past tense verbs.

5. Learn some new vocabulary. After reading how the sheep “weep”, have everyone start dramatically crying. The jeep is for sale “cheap”. What does that mean? The sheep “leap”. Start leaping around the room.

6. Retell the story using as much descriptive language as possible.

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  1. And I always just thought this book was “cute”! Now I know it can be helpful as well. Good suggestions 🙂

  2. Rhyming is huge. Great book!

  3. That is a great book. I have used it before but I forgot about it. I am going to read it to my class now. Thanks!

  4. Great ideas! I wish I would have seen this earlier…I just made an Amazon order. Maybe I can find it at the library. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. I love when a book is used as more than just a good story.

    I have several great stories like this that I, too, can read in my sleep.

  6. I just got this book for my 5 month old. He loves it. You could also do synonyms leap-hop-jump, shove-push, tug-pull, yelp-cry, shout-yell-cheer, heap-pile, weep-cry
    and antonyms steep-flat, go-stop, push-pull, front-back, deep-shallow, out-in, forget-remember, cheap-expensive

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