Marvelous Children’s Book Monday: Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

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UPDATE: I have expanded my materials on this book to include so many materials: vocabulary, rhymes, story comprehension, story map, story retell rubric, etc.

Check out this new blog post describing what I created!

Thanks to certain blogging friends, I was able to check out a few new Thanksgiving books this year. Although I still haven’t found a fantastic one about the original Thanksgiving feast, this rhyming picture book has been fun new one to read and explore with my students.

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving

I never had time to come up with fantastic wh- questions, idioms, or fill-in the rhymes. But I did develop a vocabulary list that includes definitions, synonyms, and (most importantly) picture cues. Many of my students find these pictures crucial to remembering what a word means and can conjure up the memory of the picture much easier than the definition of the word.

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  1. The book sounds like a fun one – I may have to track one down.

  2. That looks like a fun Thanksgiving book! I am working on collecting seasonal books, so I may have to pick this one up!

  3. I didn’t see that one in my closet when I was looking for you, but we have it!

  4. Hello!
    This actually sounds like a very fun book. I LOVE books for my kids and I have picked up a few over the years that were Thanksgiving oriented. But what I’ve found with the ones that are about the original Thanksgiving is that they are boring. I don’t know a nicer way to put that. I have 3 of them and I have yet to find one that my kids will actually sit and listen too. And this is coming from my kids that will listen to ANYTHING. I can give you the names of them. But let me go through my books and find the titles and authors. If you still want them, I guess it’s a bit late now.

  5. Glad to help! I’ll keep looking around for more, which won’t help this year, but may help next year.

  6. I have loved this book since the first time I read it. My favorite part is when the kids head to the bus with ‘hot turkey stuffing.’ Is it possible to email me the wonderful vocab pictures you put together (dmartin@saisd.org)?

    I enjoy reading all your posts and wish you a very Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving.

    Debbie Martin

  7. I always really love your posts about literature, and teaching resources.

  8. What a fun Thanksgiving book. We don’t have any in our house.

  9. Oh my goodness – Super B and I just read this book for the first time Monday night!! We laughed and laughed. It is TOO cute!!

  10. What a great site! Just found it today. Lots of great resources. I’m assuming it’s not just for mums to comment – I am a dad (from the UK) – and a speech therapist – so, I’m really impressed with all this. Many thanks!

  11. Thanks for stopping at my blog & I’m glad you liked it. I was just looking around your & came across this book. Believe it or not I’ve never seen a Thanksgiving Day book. How cool!

  12. Hey there! I haven’t commented on your blog in awhile (I love it – just have gotten lazy with commenting) but thought I’d stop in and say that I love the teaching ideas you give. I’m headed to India in January and have been asked to bring loads of speech ideas that the therapists can do with the kids (a children’s home) and your blog is giving me tons of ideas… for the children’s home and for my own kids as well.

    Keep it up!
    Leslie 🙂

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