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Are my eyes just getting worse

Or are these “Prove you’re not a robot” things getting harder and harder to decipher?!

I removed them from my commenting section for a while (because I hate them so much), but then I got slammed with spam so I had to put them back. 🙁

Hope YOU can decipher these free Articulation Word Search for the Holidays! Download them free here. As a thank you, will you please go to my brand new sparkly Facebook page and like it? Thanks!!

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  1. It’s NOT your eyes! Or if it is, mine are just as bad!! I hate how that feature kinda discourages a lot of potential commenters, but I hate spam more!!!

  2. They ARE awful. Sometimes I put them up for a day or two when the spam is bad, then I can take them back down, but SHEESH are they goofy.

  3. They are terrible. I don’t have them on mine and just deal with the SPAM.

    On another note…thanks for the awesome freebie!!!

  4. They are awful! I also took them off-no spam problems yet…fingers crossed!
    Thanks for the freebie!
    I’m heading to your new facebook page now!

  5. Those things make me crazy– I never get them right the first time, but I always keep trying to comment.
    Happy holidays, xo jj

  6. Phew! I thought it was just me! I turned mine off and (knock on wood) haven’t gotten spam yet. I’ll probably put it back when/if I do though! Good thing there is a refresh button!!

  7. Oh, they are the worst! I took mine off and then had to put them back. I still get spammed even when they’re there!

    Happy Friday!


  8. Thanks so much for these! I just recently downloaded your “The Mitten” therapy pack, as well. Your blog is so helpful–thanks for making my life easier and my therapy better.

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