Flashy Friday

Dear Cyber-world,

I have absconded with my mother’s super-computer in order to publicize a few complaints. Apparently, my mom’s desire for super powers has no family barriers. She wishes them on me too. She almost expects them.

Here are my recent examples. For my 5th birthday last month I was given a fabulous new bike. Fabulous, that is, until she said the training wheels were coming off of the pre-assembled model.

No training wheels?
What does she think I have?
Super Powers?

I convinced her to wait two days before removing the life-saving mechanisms. I took a deep breath. And then I rode my new flashy bike just like my balance bike.

Phew! I lived.
This week my mother became convinced that I needed to really learn how to swim. And even ( gulp ) put my face in the water. I have no fins. I sport no tail. Just because she learned to swim as a baby and was on a swim team for years, doesn’t meant that it is natural to be in the water. I’m in swim lessons right now, for crying out loud! So what if I’m the only one in the class not getting wet!?

So ( get this !) she showed me some movies of babies swimming and announced that I was going to do the same. And I’d put my head underwater.

Ahem. Excuse me?

She claimed that if I cooperated with her, it would save the family hundreds of dollars on specialty swim lessons. Or maybe it was therapy. Whatever. I liked the idea of saving the family money (more toys for me!).

Two hours later I found myself in the pool with her before my swim lesson. And my own mother “helped” me go underwater.

All my hair got wet!

You know what? It was actually relatively fun. I went to my swim lesson and proceeded to get my hair wet multiple times. I even decided that goggles were a necessity. I think I’m quite the fish now.

Mark your calendars.
The day I started growing fins.
Oh, and yesterday, I swam to the wall!!!

Love, The Flash

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  1. You cute little fishy, you!
    Congratulations to you! And to your mommy!
    I well remember making my middle son Ben get lessons…he was very accident prone (still is!) and sank like car keys every time he went in the water! Now he swims like a fish! Like you!

  2. Can he teach mine how to swim? I’ve spent those hundreds of dollars!

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations on both counts. That is wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ Not every child is able to grow those fins ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Wow! Can you come over here and teach my 5 year old to ride his bike and swim like that? He is such a cautious fellow.
    Great job!

  5. Go Flash GO!!
    Now you can Maria can race around on your “big kid 2-wheelers”!

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