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I’ve been eagerly anticipating blogging about this topic since I started this blog.

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I adore eating jam.

I adore making jam.

And I adore this book!

Full of vibrant colors and illustrations, this is an ideal book for babies or children developing rhyming skills. The author imaginatively transitions between multiple summer’s favorite berries through a waterfall of blueberries, a sky full of berry-fireworks, a train track of blackberries.

Click-berry Clack-berry pick me a blackberry…

Because of the blackberry train section in this book, my son would have us read it again, and again, and again. I still can almost recite all the lyrics by heart.

In the winter, this book makes me long for summer. In the summer, it makes me long for berries. The words keep me motivated during late-night jamming sessions. This is a treasure I will not be giving away when my children outgrow it.

Speech Therapy ideas:
1. Practice rhyming words. Leave out the last word in the rhyming phrase and try to have your child guess what it will be. Talk about other rhyming words.

2. Discuss the pictures. What is “silly” about each picture. Which of the berry-lands would they like to visit the most? Why?

3. Talk about the similarities and differences between berries: color, size, texture, plants they grow on. If possible, taste them and talk about their taste and texture differences: sweet, sour, soft, hard, seedy.

Here are even more ideas I found on ways to share this book with children:

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  1. OHHH this is so one we have!!!! Love it!

  2. I LOVE Jam ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve heard great things about this book. We don’t have it yet, but I may have to look for it at the library ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I will have to read with my neice and then make we will have to get out the canning stuff! Yummm.

  4. We’ve been through two copies of this book so far. We’ll have to get a new one so the new addition can enjoy it too.

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