Stepping beyond our four walls– co-teaching social skills

I’m a featured guest blogger at my friend Nicole’s blog, Speech Peeps!

Collaboration between the SLP and special education teacher can lead to awesome social skills groups!


Six years ago I was faced with a new situation. We had an influx of first grade students on IEPs with social skills goals. These students needed not just group social skills instruction, but also one on one specific instruction for each student. Additionally, they all needed full academic support from the special education teacher.
Using our previous model, these six-years-olds would have been pulled out of their classrooms for two (or more) hours per day for special education instruction. This was definitely not the least restrictive option.
Because my special education teacher and I have a great working relationship, we brainstormed how we could better serve these students. We wanted to ensure that they were receiving the support that they needed while missing less class time. We decided to co-teach.
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