Lordy, Lordy!

Screenshot 2015-06-02 13.16.03In celebration of this new decade, I am having a contest. There will be at least one winner and possibly more based on how I’m feeling after this milestone! πŸ™‚

Just to help you get to know me a little better… here is a picture collage about me. Comment below what you think these pictures say about me for one of your entries. Make sure to fill out the Rafflecopter. The winner(s) will receive exactly what they put down on their entry, so choose wisely.

Screenshot 2015-06-04 09.28.21

Contest will run until 6/12 12:00am. Good luck and tell your friends!!

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  1. You enjoy family time, nature, learning, relaxing by the pool/beach, baking, drinking coffee/tea and relaxing, working out, you get stressed out, and love being an awesome speech path.

  2. Your picture collage tells me that you are an SLP as those pictures would all describe me and many other SLPs I know! πŸ™‚
    You love to relax with tea and a good book, you are super!, you love to cook, imagine, workout, and relax at the beach/pool. As well, you enjoy spending time with your family, you appreciate nature and the outdoors, and sometimes you get overwhelmed and go a little crazy! πŸ™‚

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I think your collage says that you love to read, you’re busy busy busy, you’re super woman, and a tree hugger πŸ™‚ Have the most amazing week!

    1. all true!

  4. I think your collage is telling the world that you love coffee and baking, you love nature and jogging, and family time. You are a superwoman and are interested in sooo many things, always thinking of the next project to do…. You also never lose your cool!! Happy birthday to you!

    1. thanks Karen… that’s all about spot on!

  5. Thank you for the giveaway & happy birthday! I think the pictures say you’re a superwoman who loves to cook, read, hang out and loves her job!

  6. I think that your collage says that you’re a fun-loving mom who enjoys time with family, but also enjoys time to yourself to enjoy many hobbies! Hobbies include reading about fantasy, nature, cooking, relaxing at the beach, and exercising.

  7. Sharon Swindell says:

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to the club! I think your collage tells me that you are a super woman of many talents! You love to read and relax, but you are always on the move so you treasure the time that you have to kick back and relax. Given a choice, you prefer to be outside, but not exercising! Often times, life circumstances push you to the edge, but you manage to stay in control by doing the things that you love: baking, playing games with family and friends and reading a good book. How did I do?

    1. all right on except the exercise… I actually love it. But I get injured waaaaaaay too often!

  8. Teresa Yarbor says:

    Congrats on your next decade and Happy Birthday! Keep doing what you love! We have in the same decade now, but I have been there longer than you. It looks like you like sitting by the pool or beach, reading, drinking tea or coffee, superheroes, baking, exercising, protecting the earth, and spending time with family.

  9. Happy Birthday! It seems as though a few of the things you love is relaxing while you sip on coffee, reading, playing games with family and friends, exercising, soaking in the beauty of the outdoors, baking, and working out. Also, I can’t forget maintaining your amazing blog!

  10. I think your collage reflects that you truly DO have super powers! Congratulations on your birthday!!

  11. Happy Birthday! I entered a new decade this year too! From the looks of your pictures I would say you like to bake and read, relax with the family, run/exercise, go out in the nature, and go to the beach.

  12. What a great idea to give gifts on your birthday! It looks like you are a busy (almost exhausted), reader, nature lover, reader, speechie, cooking speechie who every once in a while will take some time to rest and relax. I have one of your tools and share many others with SLPs I get to work with. Great stuff!

  13. It appears to me that you are a super SLP who liked to read, relax, and bake. You may get frazzled at times, but you even it out by spending time with your family, laying out in he sun, working out and enjoying nature.

  14. Happy birthday! The pictures tell me you like to relax, exercise, be with your family, be out in nature, and channel your inner superhero!

  15. Meagan Lawson says:

    You like to relax at home and drink coffee, you use your super speechie powers to help other, you like to bake or cook, you like to read, you make sure to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, you enjoy relaxing and catching some sun by the pool or beach, you enjoy playing games with your family, you appreciate the wonders of nature, and like any good SLP, you get a little stressed out or frazzled at times!

    Happy Birthday!!

  16. Helen Wagner says:

    Happy Birthday and welcome to the 40 Club! I think your collage says that you love coffee and reading, and quiet time! You are a superwoman working hard at school and at home. You like baking and cooking and are a dreamer. You are a beach lover! You exercise hard to keep in shape. You love family time and nature. You like order in your life! You are so well rounded!

  17. Happiest of Birthdays to you!! I think the pictures say you enjoy relaxing and you’d fancy yourself super girl. You like to bake, read, stay by the poolside and enjoy your friends company. You like to keep green and protect the environment. You do your best to work out and occasionally you get stressed out.

  18. Kelly Lawson says:

    You have an interest in reading, baking, coffee, nature, relaxing, exercising and spending time with your family. With so much going on, life can be hectic for you, but you can handle it because you are superwoman!

  19. Oh! How fun! I’ll play.
    Living in the Pacific NW, you can’t help but love relaxing with a quality cup of Joe!
    Managing your home life, Super Power Speech blog, and professional life makes you a Super Woman!
    You have an intense love of baking, especially enjoying the aroma of chocolate baking in your oven!
    You love books and listen to books on tape while simultaneously being productive b/c that’s what Super Women do!
    You get a high from endorphins and seek them out regularly!
    Like all other Speechies, you look forward to and count the days until summer break, all the while visualizing relaxation, but knowing you have a massive β€˜to do’ list to tackle.
    You are committed to quality therapy intervention with kids thus the development of comprehensive material content!
    You are filled with love and gratitude for the family tree you have nurtured!
    You lean toward obsessive, perfectionistic behavior. Juggling home, kids, profession, blog, and your own personality leaves you somewhat frazzled, but always in control.

    And darn! Messed up on my product entries by accidentally pushing the return. Only got one listed. Won’t let me edit :(.

  20. Happy Birthday!!!! I think that you like to relax, try to be SUPER SLP-Woman, like to cook, like to read, exercise, do family activities, like nature, and try to keep it all together for everyone else!

  21. Julie Graham says:

    “I am Woman Hear Me Roar”!

  22. Happy Birthday!! Your pictures illustrate your diverse awesomeness! You are a devoted mom and wife. You are the Speech Super Hero! You are also an avid baker, reader, thinker, and environmentalist. You are currently resting your back, but will return to your mother-runner status soon!

  23. Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your day with us!!!

  24. Melanie Lawrence says:

    I AM A SUPERWOMAN AND CAN DO IT ALL! With breaks for mugs of tea, family time, daydreaming,, sunbathing,, exercise, cocktails, and the occasional frazzled moment! I think are all Super Women indeed!! Have a wonderful birthday and thank you for the chance to win great products from your store

  25. Happy birthday! The collage says after a week of being a superwoman of baking, working out, and doing speech therapy with kids, on the weekends, you enjoy putting your feet up with coffee and a good book. On the days when you’re coming unglued, you enjoy a drink with an umbrella by the pool or calming down with nature.

  26. You enjoy relaxing, baking, reading, exercising, summer vacation, family, and outdoors. You are superwoman and still stressed out like the rest of us at the end of the school year!

  27. This is fun! I think you are a person who likes to do fun things! You have a good imagination and are willing to act on your ideas for your students… even to go “outside the box”. While you enjoy your job (with the exception of all the paperwork!), you do enjoy relaxing with a good book, or just “doodling” and keeping up on your interests in spite of the thousands of other things that are on your plate. Sometimes (like all of us) you have to let out a little “yell” especially when IEP # 105 is due yesterday! lol. Thanks for sharing!!

  28. Jennifer Mitchell says:

    Your collage seems to say you love the outdoors and your time alone. You also work out but it might not be true love there. And as always, you are superwoman and work hard for those in your life whether it is family or students.

  29. Your pictures say that you work hard at all you do (mom, SLP) and enjoy activities that help you relax from the busy life you have. It takes a superhero to do it all! Happy Birthday! I have the same big birthday coming this fall!

  30. Hi CC,
    What a great idea! I think this shows the things you love and want to spend more time doing- relaxing, spending time with your family, creating and dreaming up great ideas for your kiddos/family, being kind to the environment- and the things you spend a lot of time doing, whether you want to or not- being Super Woman, working out (running), and sometimes just letting the stress get to you as it does to us all! Basically, you wear a lot of hats (capes) πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  31. S – scrumptious baker
    U – understandably stressed
    P – proud mother and wife
    E – endless coffee drinker
    R – relaxed sunbather
    P – passionate nature lover
    O – outstanding blogger
    W – wondrously creative
    E – exercise enthusiast
    R – reflective reader
    S – SLP extraordinaire!

    1. this is the best “explanation” of my pictures yet!!!!!!

  32. You are a multi-tasker who likes relaxing with a good book, spending time
    with family, cooking, exercising, relaxing by the pool/beach and loves the outdoors. You are
    A woman of many ideas who sometimes gets overwhelmed! You are truly a Superwoman! Happy Birthday!

  33. Tired from a long and successful school year, you do all the things that make you happy, including reading, resting, playing games and preparing for next year!

  34. Happy birthday!! I’d say your collage shows you have a well-rounded active social life with many creative interests!!

  35. Well…you pictures tell me that you are similar to all the other SLPs out there! A motivated, dedicated women who likes to take time to do things she enjoys as well as sometimes having to do things that are not as enjoyable. Enjoy your time off as well as your B-day!

  36. Living life to its fullest!

  37. Happy, happy, happy!

  38. Jaime Andrews says:

    You enjoy a lot of the same things I do! Reading, coffee, pool time, playing games with your family, baking, being out in nature… You tolerate working out. πŸ˜‰ You are a super woman: an SLP, wife, and mother who rocks at all she does! But even so, sometimes you get frazzled. Hooray for summer break!

  39. Judy Hale says:

    You are a Super Power Hero Woman of many talents–SLP, wife, mom, cook, etc. You enjoy relaxing with a good book, and some chocolate, and maybe some coffee or tea. You also enjoy the beach or the pool. You love spending time with your family and bake treats for them. You exercise, but not really sure if you do it more for health reasons or the love of it. You get frustrated when things are out of your control or you can’t fix them.
    Your products are amazing! (that was my opinion, not in the collage)

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