Find the Bird

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Find the Bird is a short and simple book. The illustrations are clear and perfect for little eyes. The goal is to find the bird on each page, and my children love pointing it out to me (even though the 4 year old thinks it is very easy). The pages rhyme well. One of my favorite things about this book is the fantastic rhythm. The pages rolls of your tongue like a great Dr. Seuss book. You find yourself reciting the lines at night long after the kids have gone to sleep. It’s a very fun book for toddlers (and up)!

This book has great potential for language learning skills.
To work on receptive language (understanding) tell the child to point to something on the page by giving directions. “Point under the bird.” “Point next to the scooter.”

To work on expressive language, have the child describe with WORDS where the bird is located. If the child points and says “right there” then you can help them understand that you want them to describe bird’s location with words. This can be very difficult for children. Help your child along by giving examples and filling in most of the sentence for him/her. “The bird is UNDER the window. “The bird is BEHIND the fence.” This book lends itself particularly well to positional language practice.

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  2. isn’t this the book we got you when our boys first met each other? 🙂

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