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The Musubi Man

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*Gasp!* I actually have done something this school year besides while and moan about my caseload, lack of help, and toxic work environment (trust me, no one is more shocked about this than myself).

I created a new vocabulary and articulation unit to go with this month’s book, The Musubi Man. The Masubi Man is a Hawaiian Gingerbread Man tale, with lots of opportunity to increase cultural awareness, new vocabulary, and compare/contrast skills. As an added bonus, it takes me into my own mental vacation of warm breezes and tropical waters.

Download my vocabulary for the book, as well as a list of /r/ and /s/ words in the story:
Musubi Man download

After reading the story and learning the vocabulary, it is time to use the Gingerbread Man unit I posted about two years ago. Then compare and contrast the stories for great language therapy fun!

And thanks to my new time suck addiction that is Pinterest, I have some additional fun Gingerbread Man links and activities:
Mrs. Ayala’s Gingerbread Man Unit
Babbling Abby’s Gingerbread Man Unit
Gingerbread Cookies Sorting Activity
Gingerbread and Snowman Sorting Activity
Gingerbread Story Sequence Cards

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