Planning makes perfect!

What I thought was going to a be a cute little project to help me get organized turned into a massive creation. But I am SUPER excited about it and can’t wait to share!

A planner a new type of product for me, but the things I’m most excited about it are:
– It’s adorable. Let’s face it. It reeks of cuteness.
– It’s super power themed. Which is coincidentally both my blog and room theme.
– It’s flexible. I am usually a “monthly” calendar kinda gal. But I have intentions of becoming a “weekly” calendar gal so that I can write down more detailed information and plans. With this planner, I can try both! Plus, I can print as many copies of Note or Contacts pages that I need. No problems with not enough or too many.
– Lots of areas to wrote notes, “to-dos” and other information that I always need to jot down.
– It’s got super powers to make me super organized, on-time, and awesome this year! (Disclaimer: Results may vary.)

The following are previews from the 2015 version of the planner (has been updated since):

Screenshot 2015-06-16 09.03.29

Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.59.23 Screenshot 2015-06-16 08.59.25

Love it as much as I do? You can buy it at my TpT store. Check out the updated graphics, pages, and dates here.

Hope it makes us both super organized, on-time, and awesome this year!

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  1. I agree- very cute! I love the weekly planer, IEP at a glance, and contact pages! It makes me smile.

  2. I love it! The bright colors will make me happy even in the dark days of winter

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