Ode to the IEP

As you prepare for an IEP
Consider times for OT, PT.
And if he qualifies for CD
He can be seen by the SLP.
Special factors? Does he need AT
So he will thrive in his LRE?
Or maybe access to AAC?
Schedules to help kids with ADD.
Measurable goals to help LD.
Papers, signings, another dead tree,
All for the annual IEP.

written by CC (11/6/2008)

*Acronym Translations*
IEP= Individualized Education Plan
OT=Occupational Therapy
PT=Physical Therapy
CD=Communication Disorder
SLP=Speech Language Pathologist
AT=Assistive Technology
LRE=Least Restrictive Environment
AAC=Augmentative and Alternative Communication
ADD=Attention Deficit Disorder
LD=Learning Disability

I participate in approximately 60 IEPs every year.
No wonder I’m brain dead by the time I go home!

PS: did I mention I have my most nerve-wracking IEP of the year this morning???

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  1. It was sad that I knew all of those acronyms, wasn’t it? Although it’s even more sad that you know them well enough to write that! LOL.

  2. Good luck! My littlest should go to K without an IEP. But we may need to get one for my oldest, sigh. Looks like ADD is part of the equation. Only 2 of those acronyms so far for us! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Yes… the infamous IEP… gotta love those acronyms!!

    I have found the team at my little one’s school fantastic and I have two kids with annual IEP’s!!

    Good luck with your difficult one, i hope it goes well!

  4. Love the poem – so cute! Hope your IEP meeting today goes well!

  5. Uh oh…there were a few on there we haven’t gotten to, yet…

    All nervousness aside (for now) very funny! Need to be able to laugh at those things, right?? How in the world do you handle 60? You ARE superwoman!

  6. This is the one thing that I do not miss about teaching. The paper work.

    Your poem? Brilliant!

  7. AAC – alternative / augmentative communication

    Great poem! Good luck on the nerve wracking IEP this morning, hope all goes well for all involved!

  8. had dd#2’s iep today…and i didn’t need the cheat sheet…sad but true! my kiddos in all have received or are currently in OT, PT, ST, DT, and me…just T! ha!

  9. Oh my heavens. I thought I was all cool with my knowledge of adoption acronyms… felt so smart throwing those around. Now I realize that I am pretty acronym-illiterate. ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Rebecca, I know tons of adoption acronyms too! They just keep coming!

  11. You should totally have that published in a professional journal somewhere!

    Oh, that brought back so many memories of ARDs – and I was just a subject level teacher. I can only imagine what specialists go through!!

    (Thanks for stopping by the blog. Totally made my day!)

  12. uggghhh… yes yes yes… I knew every one of those… public school…

    but yet, this poem will make me smile now when I hear those terms…

  13. Hilarious!

    I have to tell you that I ADORE Vienna Teng and have ALL of her c.d.s! I have never been a true “fan” you know… like in every sense of the word until I heard her on David Letterman. I don’t even watch David Letterman but I was flipping through the channels and heard her voice. I couldn’t believe the honesty and beauty of her songs! I was instantly a fan. For Christmas that year, I bought my friends and myself her first release of Waking Hour. I was hooked. I also have Warm Strangers and Dreaming through the noise.

    I love that your husband corresponded with her. I have so much respect for her talent. Too cool!


  14. I’m a former special ed teacher. Trust me, I feel your pain!

  15. You are speaking my language. This time of year is killer for me. Right now I should be writing an IEP instead of sitting at my PC.

  16. Wow..I think I passed the acronym test! lol Thanks for the sweet comment…and nice to meet you!

  17. wow – I knew all of those – and I am not a SPT!!! Love you and your field! Saved my son!!!!!!

  18. My sympathy, CC. Been there, done that.

    Are we in sync or something? I posted on IEP meetings this morning. (ARD is specific to TX – Admissions, Review and Dismissal.)

    Excellent poem.

  19. LOL, great poem :).

    Wow, 60 IEP’s a year! I have always been impressed that the teachers and therapists can keep them all straight. I am doing good to keep up with our 3 IEP’s :).

  20. I would love to share this with our precious folks doing IEPS all.the.time.

    That okay?

  21. ok … i’m 20 days late.
    but i’ve been shifting through your old ones and HAD TO COMMENT.
    i’m a school SLP too. totally understand the 60+ thing.
    we were just recently informed of the change from the NEER (notice of educational evaluation or reevaluation) to the “i can’t even remember … but it has NO ACRONYM potential” so i’ve been calling it the form-formally-known-as-NEER. and i’m thinking of giving it a symbol.

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