It’s Always Fun in Speech!

Or is it?

Screenshot 2014-07-05 15.33.09

It started with a conversation between my friend and I about my awesome speech parties.  She then commented that we sure seemed to have a lot of fun in speech! So that, along with a fun post by The Speech Bubble here, inspired me to make a poster for my room next year!

This is a great poster to teach kids about synonyms, as well as remind them that speech really IS exciting, fabulous, and enjoyable!

You can download your FREE poster here.

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  1. Ann Johnston says:

    I LOVE your Synonym speech poster!
    I have one client, in particular, who is having a VERY difficult time
    understanding Synonyms and Antonyms. Seeing it like this
    will be very helpful!

  2. Great way to begin the school year with a twist. I spend alot of time teaching synonyms and antonyms not only for curricular vocabulary but for word retrieval.

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