Dirt Cheap Goodies for Speech

As a self-proclaimed thrify-a-holic, I love to find a good rummage sale.

Please note. I did not say garage sale.

Garage sales are a waste of my time because:

  • You have to travel to multiple locations.
  • The sellers are emotionally attached to the items so they charge too much.
  • There is not enough variety, sizes, supplies.

Rummage sales, on the other hand, are:

  • Almost always for a charitable cause.
  • Run by volunteers who are willing to bargain since they have no emotional attachment to the items.
  • On a strict schedule and everything must go by the end of the sale.

The following finds, however, were from a garage sale. But in justification to my previous statements, I can add that they were from a moving sale from a friend from church. And, oh, they were all free since they didn’t sell earlier in the day!

Screenshot 2014-06-24 15.52.31This is just a small sample of all the free toys I received from my friend. I am so excited to use these items for pretend play activities including:

  • Household vocabulary
  • Medical vocabulary
  • Meal time vocabulary
  • Character scripts and retellings
  • Polite language
  • Requesting, commenting, and questioning

How about you? Have you recently collected any dirt cheap goodies for speech?


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