Summer Bucket List

Last summer felt rather unsatisfactory to me. My kids were on screens for waaaaaay too many hours. Although we did “Summer Home school” last year with some success, I still felt guilt about all the screens.

On the other hand, as a mostly single-parent, with three jobs, my counselor assures me that I’m doing what I need to do to get through. And sometimes that means letting my kids have screens. But sometimes, it doesn’t.

I have created what I hope to be a REALISTIC bucket list of things I really want the kids and I to accomplish this summer. There are only 20 items to help make it more likely to happen.

Screenshot 2014-06-15 15.50.29

And… my 2014 version of “Summer Home school” will look like this (every afternoon I’m going to ask the kids to work on this list with the reward of screens on the weekends):

Screenshot 2014-06-15 15.51.04

What do you think? Can we do it???? Will I feel better about our “accomplishments” at the end of this summer?

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  1. Sparklle SLP says:

    I too struggle with balance in the summer (and just blogged about it as well). I LOVE your bucket list. I may be sneaking in a couple into our summer plan. Thanks also for the reminder about readworks…although my soon to be 4th grader might not be thanking you!

  2. Love the Summer Bucket list – in the process of creating one for my little ones as well & this is a big help – filled with lots of ideas I can piggy back off of – Thanks for that
    Greatly appreciate all your ideas and work – they have been extremely helpful – both at home and at work – don’t know how you have time to put this all together but i am sure glad you do

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