Earth Day the Super Powered Way

I kicked off our Earth Day celebration with my kiddos by making Rice Krispie earth balls.


Marvel Girl learned that the earth’s surface is made of water and land.
And lots of yummy goo.

At school, I am subjecting my older students to learning the history of Earth Day. They are finding and underlining the most important information and concepts then answering questions verbally.

Meanwhile, younger students are creating Litter Bugs.


The kids are working on following directions, describing the steps, retelling the steps, and explaining how we can re-use our trash for other purposes.

And everyone gets to experience the joys of our water-colored earth.


Again, we are working on following and retelling directions. Plus, this activity gives ample opportunities to talk about the ocean and continents.

Need an annoying little Earth Day jingle to run through your head until next year’s Earth Day? This Starfall computer activity will be a hit with your kids. Maybe less so for you.

Enjoy teaching about this gorgeous planet and some of the (many) ways that we can make a difference. Today and everyday!

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  1. Oh my word – those rice krispie earth balls are TOO cute! Thanks for the link!

  2. AND, Earth Day is on my birthday. So there! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I LOVE the rice krispies earth balls. Too fun!!!

  3. That Starfall game is the Tongginator’s favorite. She plays it whenever she is allowed on the computer.

  4. Love how you celebrated Earth Day! The rice krispy balls are a great idea!!

  5. I love these! The rice crispy treats rule! Hubby and boy will love…
    We need to try starfall on the computer, we play on the wii.

    Miss you!!

  6. Wonderful post! And, you are so, so creative with your kids and your students!!! I’m always impressed!

  7. Hey! Love your site and yes I have upheld my oath to get to the Y, but I need new shoes (ouch!).

  8. We just made rice krispie treats this weekend….but your earth day Rice Krispie balls look so much better!!


  9. Those litterbugs look like a lot of fun. Gonna try them soon.

  10. Dude, you are so clever.

    You know what gets me? In the teacher workroom, there were literally *hundreds* of copies being made with worksheets and coloring pages for Earth Day? Huh? Wha’? So…. to SAVE our environment, we’re printing off worksheets on clean, unused paper to color in…?

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