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Language Informal Assessment

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An interview with the Super Author/Creator:

Reporter: Good evening Miss Super Woman. I have a copy of your brand new “Language Informal Assessment” and I’d love to ask you a few questions. May I?

Super Woman: Sure. Ask away.

Reporter: I’m wondering why you created this product and how it will help you within your speech setting?

Super Woman: Well… all of my evaluations must contain a “Speech Sample” for eligibility purposes. I’ve been using a mismatch of probes from some of my favorite SLP creators and some of my own. When I am especially lazy, I tend to make things up on the fly. But I’ve really, really wanted something that was consistent between students so I could get a better comparison on the same speech samples.

Reporter: And how is this product appropriate for almost all of your students? K-5th is quite a range in language abilities.

Super Woman: Like my Homework products and Language for a Year products, these assessments are leveled depending on the student’s language abilities. Most of my students are functioning at the low end of their grade appropriate level or 1-2 levels behind. So, based on that, even most middle school students could use these informal assessments.

Reporter: You are using the plural form when referring to these “Assessments”. Why is that?

Super Woman: Well, there are 3 levels of assessments. And for people who would like pre/post data or to test 2 students at the same time, there are 2 different assessments per level. So there are actually 6 assessments total!

Reporter: Are the skills tested related to the common core?

Super Woman: Yep! Each assessed skill is clearly labeled for the Speaking & Listening or Language CCSS standard to which it corresponds. These are perfect for writing goals aligned with the common core!

Screenshot 2015-01-27 19.19.23Reporter: And I also understand that you can type directly into the assessment? How does that work?

Super Woman: I have to admit that is because when I am running around school, I usually forget to make copies of things. Which means that I grab a student for testing and have nothing copied for him/her. I made these assessment data sheets fill-able so that you can transcribe the student’s answers and score the answers directly on the computer as you go. Then the final page will auto-populate the summary data. It’s a great addition for IEPs and evaluation reports!

Screenshot 2015-01-27 19.31.20Reporter: So this isn’t because you are an evil genius, but just because you are too forgetful/lazy to make copies ahead of time?

Super Woman: [blushes]

Reporter: Do you have any other products similar to this?

Super Woman: Yes! I love my Social Language Informal Assessment, which looks at social pragmatic skills, contains 2 levels, and also has a fill-able data sheet.

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Reporter: Any final words?

Super Woman: You can purchase the Language Informal Assessment here. I hope you find these Informal Assessment tools as SUPER as I do!

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  1. When I get home I’m going to buy the language informal assessment! I can’t wait to down load it and just type into it! I’m forever doing on the spot assessments. So, to say the least, that’ll be so very helpful!
    How do we get the articulation informal assessment?

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