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Marvelous Children’s Book Monday: The Little Old Lady

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The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Phew! What a title. I’m almost exhausted just typing it out.

I am continuing to plan for students through the month of October and decided that this was the perfect book for a third grader who struggles with her describing skills. This story is about a lady, who it turns out, is quite human and afraid of strange noises in the dark. It is a Halloween/Fall themed book, complete with jack-o-lantern and scarecrow. The story emphasizes repetitive noises and lines to help children learn the rhythm of the story and the vocabulary.

Speech Therapy Ideas:
1. Work on lots of /l/ sounds: little, old, lady, left, long, clomp

2. Turn the book into a play. Use this script to act out the scenes, practice volume and inflection, and possibly put on a production!

3. Practice sequencing. This site has a variety of ideas including story parts to cut apart and sequence with the students.

she met a shirt two gloves and a hat
went for a walk in the forest.
she ran home and sat in her chair
the next morning she found a scarecrow
she met two big shoes and a pair of pants
one afternoon a little old lady
on her way home
she met a huge scary pumpkinhead

4. Discuss compound words such as “scarecrow”. Websites such as this one and this one make the process interactive.

5. Do some scarecrow crafts and activities. You can practice multi-step directions and creating a scarecrow book on this site or this one.

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  1. Thanks for sharing those activities! This is one of my little guy’s favorite books!! =)

  2. I am going to look for this one at Barnes and Noble. Sarah is really into Halloween this year…..this would be fun to read to her. Did I mention that she loves for us to read to her? Makes me one happy Momma:)


  3. We just came home from the town library, now I’ll have to write this book on the list for our next trip.

  4. This is good…..What books do you recommend for 27 month old with verbal skills of a 3.5 year old? Macy Li’s language is a.s.t.o.n.i.s.h.i.n.g. and I want to foster it even more. It’s become our entertainment b/c we can’t believe what comes out of her mouth. Anyway, seriously, what are the best types of books to read to her?

    Thanks, and hope your Tuesday is a blessed one!

  5. I remember that book! Good memories.

  6. One of my favorite Halloween books because it’s a book about “scary” stuff without having any “scary” stuff in it.

  7. We haven’t come across this book before. We may certainly have to check it out.

  8. This looks like a great one!
    It’s good to visit again–life got crazy and I haven’t been around in a while. Hope you’re doing well!

  9. I’ll have to look for this one. I love turning a good story into a reader’s theater for the classroom. And the kids love it. Great ideas!

  10. Awww, I remember reading that to my boys ages ago. I’ll have to dig it out. ML’s fascinated by scarecrows. Love the last post of the pic of your daughter…good save! And good shot! Poor thing. 🙂

  11. Thanks for commenting on my post. Obviously lots of SLPs use this–and you have some wonderful ideas here. I often have the kids make a real scarecrow when the book is done. Haven’t quite gotten to that this year!

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