Going, going, gone!

Marvel Girl both attended and hosted a fancy party earlier this month?

Well, I figured out quite quickly that what she has in style, she definitely lacks in grace.


Not to worry. I am not as cruel of a mommy as I appear to be. When I began to take this picture she was happily swinging. In the split second between when I started pressing the button down and taking the picture, the calamity began.

Amidst my laughter, the horrified-looking woman behind the girls caught her right away.

There were no boo-boos on my fancy gal.

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  1. how funny and cute. I love that you got the pic just at the right moment and the womans face is classic…haha Do you just laugh everytime you see it? Im glad ur sweetie didnt get hurt though…cause then it wouldnt be funny


  2. That photo’s a one-in-a-million! She can look back at that and know she is brave!

  3. It is a classic photo. The facial expression on the woman is great, as is the ‘pose’ of your child.

    But please tell me how you made the colour stay on your daughter and turned the rest B&W?

  4. Hahahahaha, that’s AWESOME!!!! What a great shot ~ truly one-in-a-million, like a previous commenter said. Great job on isolating the colour, too! That adds such incredible impact. Quite a brilliant lucky shot!!!!

  5. Who would think that “pose” could have been caught on camera??? Now THAT is one for the memory book! LOL

  6. That woman’s face is CLASSIC! I love that you made everything else, but your subject, in B&W!

  7. hahaha…the look on the lady’s face says it all. Love how you edited the photo to highlilght your fancy girl in color. Great PSF!

  8. If I were her momma, I’d blow this up to poster-size and hang it somewhere in the house. I am so obnoxious.

  9. Oh that is a great action shot!

    So glad to hear that she was fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. GREAT capture!! love the other’ mom’s look

  11. Priceless!
    If that had been a video you probably would have won $10,000 dollars.
    If you want to wander down my road Iโ€™m home.

  12. What a fun capture! I’m glad she wasn’t hurt.

  13. SO funny – the whole picture! (glad she was okay though, first!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. What a capture! Everything is perfect….. the actions- swinging peacefully, falling out and the woman’s face just perfect!
    Glad she was fine!

  15. THat is hilarious! And that woman’s expression is just as funny!

  16. What a perfectly timed accidental picture. I laughed when I first saw it, then I felt a little guilty until you said that she didn’t get hurt, then I laughed again. Then I felt guilty again. Is it ok to laugh?
    Love your mad photo shopping skills!
    Thanks for coming to vist my PSF!

  17. I can’t believe it happened at the exact moment of the shutter release! You two will laugh about that for years!

  18. Glad to hear she is ok. What a great shot!

  19. Knowing no one actually got hurt, I LOVE that pic! It cracks me up looking at it. It could totally be me or either of my kids, because we’re just not entirely graceful. Although my mil wanted me to name my daughter Grace. With these genes, that would have been a life long joke. Great pic!!

  20. Somehow I had missed the post about your daughter’s 4th birthday! Too cute! This picture is PRICELESS!!!! Oh, the timing … to be taking a picture at that exact moment. Glad to hear she didn’t get hurt … that makes the picture even better!

  21. WOW. That is quite the photo! Good thing she wasn’t hurt!

  22. Priceless!!!! Considering there were no boo-boos…that is HILARIOUS!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Awesome editing skills and of course, the capture itself is priceless!

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