Educational funding, where can you be?

(to the tune of Chim Chim Cher-Ee)

Educational funding, where can you be?
Our kids aren’t so lucky, nothing comes free.
Educational funding, what will we do?
The classrooms are bursting, at almost 32.

And I’ve got an ulcer, trying to serve 62!

This one has seizures, that one’s tube fed,
“You’ll figure it out,” is what the higher-ups said.
Six need PEC Systems, two have high-tech AT,
No time to train them, can’t talk to me.

Educational funding, where can you be?
We’ve lost our assistants, the kids run away free.
Educational funding, what will we do?
The Kinders are wild, it’s like controlling a zoo.

With budgets of ZERO, it’s like teaching one too!

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  1. (standing while applauding) Bravo!

  2. Nicely done … creative, yet gets the message across quite clearly. You should send that to our governor candidates!

  3. How can they do without the educational assistants? And I don’t mean “how do you function without them?” I mean “how is it even legal?” Don’t the kids have it in their IEP? Both of ours with IEPs have a requirement for one special ed teacher and one educational assistant for every eight kids, and one has his own educational assistant just for him.

    In our school district, they don’t have any educational assistants beyond what these kids’ IEPs require, so they couldn’t cut the assistants and remain legal. It would be in violation of federal law. Does California do things so differently from New York that they manage to find a different way to satisfy the federal laws without having the educational assistants?

  4. I guess I was more tired than I realized. I know you’re not in California!

  5. That’s AWESOME!!!! I’ve been doing teacher trainings where they are basically teaching 2 classes each. (Like almost 40 in an elementary class.) It’s NUTS!

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