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Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

The Speech Room is filled with gorgeous Rainbows as we explore:

  • Colors (rainbow colors of course!)
  • Vocabulary (arc, arch, semi-circle, half-circle)
  • Texture (crepe paper, tissue paper, ribbon, glue)
  • Size (long, short, thick, thin)
  • Articulation (/l/ in “glue, long, layer, yellow”, /r/ in “rainbow”)


St. Patrick’s Day brings back memories of drunk family members, so I decided to focus on something other than the Irish holiday.

Fortunately, yesterday only one student asked me to recall my Physics classes as to “what makes a rainbow”. I coughed a few times. Then changed the subject. But if they ask today…. I found this website and can tell them, “Here. Read this.”

If you are feeling mighty crafty, you can also do these rainbow projects:

May your day be filled with Rainbows , kisses , and pots of gold !

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  1. You crack me up! Thanks for the fun project ideas!

  2. Love the rainbows! And maybe today there’s a pot of gold at the end, with a friendly (non-drunk) leprechaun!

  3. Ohhh the rainbow jello sounds kinda fun!

  4. you are fantastic! what camera do you use?

  5. Love it! Rainbows are a wonderful way to add to the day (or take the place of)
    We’ll be doing some right after school!

  6. You mean there is more to St. Paddy’s Day than green beer? Shocking!

  7. LOVE this. My mommy and me playgroup is having a theme of rainbows tomorrow so this is perfect!

  8. Rainbows are so powerful!

    You have a blogging award waiting for you over at my blog!

  9. LOVE it.
    And here all I did was put green food colouring in my kid’s milk and yogurt this morning.
    Great ideas as always.

  10. Beautiful rainbows!

    I tried that idea – coughing a few times and changing the subject – but it didn’t work for me. Does it only work for teachers and not mums?

  11. I got a award,

    and I gave it to you –

    You are so special

    and I love you!

    (in my head that was a little song that really didn’t work very well – but you got the point, right?)

  12. Love it! Thanks for the fun ideas too! Brady thinks that’s one of the BEST rainbow songs ever too 🙂 I think I posted him singing it on my blog once, many many moons ago – I should go look back and see if he can say the words better now 😉 Thanks for another idea!!!

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