Life. Turned down a notch.


A camping trip with co-ed bunks and co-ed bathrooms?

Well, it wasn’t all sleeping-bag changes…

In fact, it was lovely to just sit in the duck-poop-infested warm sand and watch the kids enjoy each other and the outdoors. Professor X commented that he never experienced nature like this as a child.

I hope The Flash can somehow appreciate this time of slowing down while growing up.

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  1. great photo friday.
    Did the kids catch any fish?

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  2. That’s a beautiful picture. So peaceful. A perfect capture of what summer should always feel like!

  3. I’m incredibly jealous. We’re trying to find a weekend we can go camping. Unfortunately, my 17 year old’s schedule is making it virtually impossible. *sigh* There’s honestly ONE weekend this summer it MIGHT work.

  4. That is a great picture, they truly do look like they are having fun!

  5. Well, you know what they say about youth being wasted on the young.

    I’m glad you survived this experience.

  6. sound pretty relaxing actually. Great photo!

  7. I and my family enjoy outbond activites as well…

    great photo!

  8. Life does speed by, doesn’t it? Even children are so much more busy these days than when I was young. It’s a great photo.

  9. Nice capture!! It looks so peaceful and the kids look like they are having a grand time!

  10. That looks like a fantastic spot to hang out!

  11. That picture is breathtaking. It looks exactly as childhood should in my mind.
    Lovely. πŸ™‚

  12. I second ValleyGirl–great pic! If you turned it sepia it could be any classic pic of kids fishing through the years! A timeless, sweet activity.

  13. I find it’s the simplest things that kids seem to enjoy the most. Sleeping on the trampoline, roasting marshmallows over a fire, watching fireflies – those are what last.

  14. That picture needs to be either framed or put on canvas because that right there is what it’s all about my friend.

  15. That is a beautiful picture! It brings back some great childhood memories and makes me wanna be a kid again! πŸ™‚

  16. That’s awesome.
    The luxury of time is one of the best things about childhood. I really try to guard my kids against getting overscheduled for that very reason.

  17. Oh, that is so great. I love a low key vacation too.

  18. I love this picture! so sweet

  19. Wow, what a beautiful picture! The colors are so vibrant. Looks so relaxing too :).

  20. how fun πŸ™‚ (even if a little duck poop was involved) Here’s my photo story happy Friday!

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