Because I just can’t leave work…at work.

The Flash may or may not be driving us crazy these days…. (hint: “may” is the correct answer!)

And he may or may not be having a little bit of trouble being completely honest and full of integrity…. (hint: “may” is the correct answer!)

And I may or may not have written a few too many behavior point sheets this year… (hint: “may” is the correct answer!)

So, now The Flash has his very own point sheet for home.

You want screen time honey? Work for it.

We just started this last night and hope it will help increase his responsibility and honesty in getting tasks done and decrease our nagging, yelling, pleading, etc.

Spill it! Please tell me I’m not the only one trying teacher tricks on her own kids…..

Edit: The Flash’s teacher has “respectfully declined” (her words) to participate in filling out the shaded part. Upset goes beyond how I am feeling. So I have taken off the school/home connection and this will just be a home thing.

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  1. This is awesome! And you are not alone. My son is younger (3 1/2), but I’ve made him “work” for TV time by doing fine motor activities (he dreads them) and by avoiding time-outs. Hope this does the trick for you!

  2. I feel your pain! I’ve kept sticker charts, marble jars, and used an egg timer to keep my boy on task! It has definitely been helpful over the years, but I’m bracing myself for a wild summer so I think we will need to start a point system again! I think it’s important to keep some sense of structure even in the summer!

  3. I have used picture schedules (or written schedules now that my kids can read)on a regular basis at our house. I love this idea!! I “may” need to make one for my Flash as well!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s weird your teacher’s not going to participate. I mean, how hard would it be for her to make sure he wears his glasses and turns in his work? I don’t know about checking the work twice though, that might be harder to keep track of.

  5. Beyond upset would be how I felt, too, if my kids teacher refused to help. As a teacher, I have worked with multiple families in the area of behavior so that it benefited both our classroom and their home life.I believe it’s incredibly beneficial for students to know that home and school are on the same page when it comes to certain things like behavior and school work. Unless it was ethically wrong, and your request is definitely not, then I would have been all over that form. How hard is it to ask a student to check their work (all teachers should already be doing this) and ask him again before he turns it in, then verify that he’s wearing his glasses and that all the work was in fact turned in??????? I hope it has still worked out for you. And as a Middle School teacher, I especially love the last 2 as I see these all the time with my students, and the end results are not pleasant for anyone. Way to go for teaching your child!!

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