Snow Days

We’ve had 1.5 snow days this week.

Well, the students have had 2 days. But the teachers still had to report into work today.

Bitter? Me?


I’m sure the superintendent did not make that decision because of ongoing contract negotiations.

You know. Because we still aren’t working under a contract.

Maybe tomorrow will be another snow day.

I’m sure I’ll get a phone call at o’dark-thirty letting me know.

Any-who… here are the lessons I’ve things I’ve learned about snow days:

1. Snow days are lots of fun when no one is sick. This is our first time experiencing this phenomenon.

2. Having no internet during a snow day sucks.

3. Kids can only handle cold for a few minutes at a time. But that won’t stop them from going back out again and again.

4. Putting shovels, defrosting materials, etc. in the shed is a great idea in the summer. It is less brilliant when the lock is frozen and you cannot take said materials out of the shed during your time of need.

5. Keeping paper copies of recipes, phone numbers, and other important information is important when your internet service fails in the storm.

6. Cookies are a great way to distract yourself from cabin fever.

7. Marshmallow snowmen snacks are fun too!

8. NorthWesterners are wimps and totally unprepared for 1-2 inches of snow.

9. Which is exactly why I fit in so well.

10. Don’t promise a snowman before feeling the snow texture. But snow texture changes over 2 days.

11. Scraping snow and ice from 100 feet of sidewalk with the side of your boot can really hurt your ankles.

12. Being away from the internet for a few days means that my google reader had almost 500 items on it. I had to click “mark all as read”. Sorry.

13. I always imagined that an extra day at home would mean I could get so much done around the house. Not true. My to-do list is just as long as ever!

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  1. That’s the thing about To Do lists, you know. It’s one thing off and two things on. I even will put the need to make a to do list on a to do list. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That was an education – the things I should be thinking about in case we get an ice storm. (I don’t think summer hail counts, does it?)

  3. My idea of ‘snow day’ is NO SNOW and still have the day off. That’s why we retired to the south.

    Come by and visit with me today and check out my thirteen if you have a little time. Happy Thursday.

  4. We had a delay yesterday for ice, but no snow days yet. We did take “snow” days in September when we had hurricane strength winds take out power for almost one week.

  5. I well remember the happy dance I used to do when I was teaching and the snow was so bad (maybe an inch–this is South Carolina) that even the teachers didn’t have to go in to school!
    Yey for snow days.
    Boo for no internet.

  6. Oh, so you got the present I sent you then, I see!! I wasn’t sure if I should throw a couple of days of -47 in there as well ~ I hemmed and hawed a little about that ~ but opted for just the snow in the end. (Shipping costs and whatnot.)

    You’re welcome.

  7. I would not handle the no internet thing well either….and like you, everything is on the computer….never thought about that!!

    Love those pics…..and we do think you are SUPER!!!


  8. Umm, Where’s the snow? I see a bit of frost on the ground, but I’m still looking for the snow.
    I LOVE West coasties!
    Here’s to many more “snow” days.

  9. HA – very funny – come over here – we have LOADS of snow and ZERO snow days!!! You poor dear!

  10. Good list! Sorry your ‘net was down while you were snowed in, though. We get ice storms with results much like yours except there’s nothing to shovel. And no snowmen, snow angels, sledding or anything else that’s fun.

    Merry Christmas from She Lives!

  11. I don’t know exactly where you are in the Pac NW in relation to me, but it sounds like we fall under the same school schedule. The snow was FUN on Monday, less so since then.

    One thing I learned? Though our steep driveway is awesome for kids to sled down, sledding on powdery snow packs it down. Less awesome for getting cars out of said driveway. Hmmmm….I sense a blog post coming on!

  12. I died laughing when I saw the second picture.

    Oh how I wish I could see some snow!!

  13. Ah, the snow day. I rather enjoyed the snow work day, however. I got so much done when there weren’t students interrupting me…

    Glad you’re all healthy.

  14. I’m with Happy Geek… where’s the snow? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll e-mail you a picture of SNOW.

  15. Really? Is that what that white stuff is? Hardly ever see it here. ๐Ÿ™ We have flood days around these parts!

  16. The first couple snow days are fun and then after that the cabin fever sets in. Blahhhhh.

  17. We went to school yesterday morning in the final bit of a snow storm which dropped 10cm on our city. The snowbanks are taller than me. Usually we only get snowdays for ICE (trust me, it deserves capitals) so we should probably call them icedays.

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