The unadmired, yummy house

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In a box, there was a house,
A yummy house,
That came from a cardboard box.

And on that house, we put frosting.
Some gooey frosting,
On a yummy house,
That came from a cardboard box.

And on that frosting, went many sweets.
Many colorful sweets,
On some gooey frosting,
On a yummy house,
That came from a cardboard box.

And on those sweets appeared an ant.
Can it be? No it can’t!
A hungry ant,
On many colorful sweets,
On some gooey frosting,
On a yummy house,
That came from a cardboard box.

So now the house lives in our cool box,
Admired only by ketchup and lox,
With no hungry ant,
On many colorful sweets,
On some gooey frosting,
On a yummy house,
That came from a cardboard box.

Did my writing style seem familiar to you? It was “inspired” by one of my favorite books: The Napping House .

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  1. First: Love the holiday look of your blog! It has been far too long since I’ve stopped by.

    Second: Love the story. Did you truly find an ant on it? Ick!

  2. that’s the second VERY cool decorated house i’ve seen in blogland today!!! it’s awesome! and i want to pick those lollies straight off it!

  3. Thanks for the tips about the white board. I will try that next time, (hopefully there wont be a next time but knowing me…)
    Why were you in Korea? Military?

    I have only been here a week, and plan to stay for a year or so, so you can look forward to lots and lots of posts as this culture is so totally foreign and fascinating to me.

  4. Y’know, I’ve always wanted to do one of these but never have. I should….you did a great job.

    My Wordful this week is also ‘photo-ful’. And I am announcing my 1st ever blog giveaway. So, come join me today and click on the link in my sidebar that will take you to the giveaway. Happy Wednesday.

  5. You are so creative….what a great style to tell your story!! That is where I lack….just some pics with the blow by blow….boring!!

    The house looks you eat your house or just admire it? We usually just admire ours….the only eating that goes on is while we are creating!!

  6. As always, I’m impressed with your creative writing. I think, if you ever desire a career change, you should write kids books with speech therapy ideas for parents and educators in the back!

    I had to think for a moment when you said you’d found an ant and had to protect your gingerbread house from it in the fridge. And then I remembered…. oh right, not everyone lives at the north pole like I do, where there are no ants to be seen for 6 months of the year because they’re frozen underground.

  7. That has to be the most stubborn ant alive! What the heck is he doing still crawling around… in December… in your neck of the woods? It’s too cold!!!!

  8. love this – everywhere I go they are sold out – I am off to IKEA – perhaps they will have some left!

  9. I LOVE that story.
    I love your take on it.
    Crazy ants.

  10. Ah man! Those ants–they’re so aggravating!
    The house looks AMAZING!
    We do gingerbread houses at our place too. It’s one tradition all three of mine really enjoy–even though Ben usually sneaks off pieces every day, so by Christmas they look kind of icky.

  11. A very yummy looking house! Loved the story structure too! Very neat!

  12. The house looks absolutely delicious, and I love your structure with the story to go with the pictures!

  13. You are so creative! Great poem and great gingerbread house! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Ooo! Yumm! I ‘ve always wanted to try one of those… maybe this year I actually will! Yours looks so wonderful.

  15. So cute and so sad all at the same time!!

  16. totall recognized the writing – since you also gave us that book!! Hmmm, no clear box big enough to cover the house?

  17. Oh that was awesome and what a really cool house. You rock!!!

  18. Great post and fantastic pictures. I enjoyed that!

  19. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    I love this post! And your “picture” of yourself, very awesome cartoon graphic!

  20. The gingerbread is so cute. We attempted making one a few years ago and well, it wasn’t so pretty or fun!

  21. Thats one cute and yummy lookin house!

  22. Love the pictures- three of my kids made gingerbread houses at school this week, so we have been enjoying all the sweets!

    I love the napping house too! Too cute!


  23. Too too cute! I have yet to try one with my two. I doubt there would be any frosting to glue it all together.

  24. you are too cute! that’s the best little house I’ve ever seen!

  25. That was awesome! I second Valley Girl’s idea. And your house looks delicious! Enjoy!

  26. I just stumbled onto your site. Your Gingerbread house looks fabulous. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope the ketchup enjoys it.

    Thanks for the smile. ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved your post. I’m listing you as my favorite blog of the day. I have an award button I offer people if you want it. There is one on my site that you can grab or I’ll happily email it to you if you’d prefer.

  27. That’s the bummer about the gingerbread houses; you can’t display them! I ate too much of our icing, I made myself sick. lol

  28. Well, I just CAN’T take the time to read all your comments today–man you are popular!–but I just wanted to tell you that your gingerbread house story sounded like “The House That Jack Built”. Nice looking house, btw.

  29. Great looking gingerbread house. I’ve always wanted to try and make one. I’m sure mine wouldn’t end up looking as great as yours.

  30. Yes, I did recognize the style but I couldn’t remember the name of the book! Thank you.
    I love your decorated house. :->

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