These are a few of my favorite things…

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I’m a very frugal gal and have been an extreme couponer long before it was popular.

But for a few select items, I am a brand-snob. Mind you, I try to wait until a sale and then stock up, but there are certain things I cannot buy generic.

The following is a “vacation-style” post to help keep my mind off of the upcoming stressful year I am dreading.

1. Diet Coke– just for the taste of it. Preferably from a fountain dispenser with lots of ice.

2. Press and Seal Wrap– after an unfortunate bat-stuck-in-the-storm-window incident while in college, I vowed never to go generic on this stuff again.

3. Contingo water bottles– we own 7 of these and I’d buy more in a heart beat if I found them for the right price. One handed, non-leaky, BPA-free, watery-goodness.

4. Crayola crayons– I go through hundreds of crayons per year. I will no longer settle for the cruddy generic crayons. Not even for free.

5. Mr. Sketch markers– not only are there no other markers that draw as well as these (with the possible exception of Crayola), but nothing smells as good. And you know you’ve done your job well when children leave your room with little dots of color all over their noses….

Spill it reader. What brand names are just worth it?

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  1. I’m so with you on the Diet Coke, and if the mix is right in a fountain, there’s nothing like that!

    I need to try that Press and Seal wrap!

  2. I LOVE Contigo water bottles. I got some at a garage sale and my heart was happy all the day.
    Which leads me to something I will not buy generic of, bleach. It is Clorax all the way. The other stuff just doesn’t whiten as well, and if it is not whitening, it’s probably not disinfecting either.

  3. Ahhh, I love, love, love Mr. Sketch markers (especially the pink!)

    My go to brand has to be post-its. I love that they are really sticky and come in a ton of varieties. My favorites are the larger lined pads, the mini-tabs and all of the different shapes. I really could not teach without them!

  4. Fiskar scissors

    I agree on the crayola crayons. I stock up every back-to school. Who can beat .25 cents/box!

  5. I love those things too … well all but the diet coke. I’m a regular coke girl here. The brand I love … Apple – Macbook. iPad, iPhone it’s nuts so expensive but I love it. I’m always looking for a deal at the supermarket so I not to brand loyal.

    You asked me about the app I was using for Ashley’s speech .. I don’t think I answered sorry. We are using Proloquo2go it took quite a bit of time to set up to match her book but it working nice for choice making however the screen moves fast so we do some hand over hand to navigate. We are pretty happy with her progress. She always asking for pancakes and to play barbies with it.

  6. I am with you on the Diet Coke, but I get mine with lime.

    We also get the the good TP. We buy Charmin at the warehouse store so it is still affordable. :o)

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