Token Boards

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I started used Token Boards years ago with my Life Skills students in ABA-type therapy. Some students came to understand that after receiving 10 tokens, they got a break. These students tended to make good progress!

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I created multiples of this useful token board by numbering and then laminating a large file card. I then added female (fuzzy) velcro to the file card and male (pointy) velcro to the tokens. It has worked out very well over the years and I continue to use these on a regular basis.

Since then, however, my special education co-worker and myself have gotten a little more creative.

Check out the 3-part token boards that my co-worker made for some students earlier this year (using their preferred characters): Screenshot 2013-10-15 18.34.55

For my merge groups, I’ve abandoned using “checks” on post-it notes for making smiles/stars on fun incentive sheets. When all nine circles are filled in, the student gets a coupon reinforcer (used by our entire school for positive reinforcement). So far, the novelty of fun characters and pictures has been almost as much of a reward as the reinforcer!

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In celebration of token board success, I’m sharing my October-themed reinforcement pictures with you! Just print them out and use to reinforce good behavior, good speech, or good listening! Click here to download your FREEBIE!

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