It’s reining deer!

Okay everyone, time to grab your antlers, tie on your jingle bells, and turn on your blinking red lighted nose!

We’re going to do some Holiday singing.

And not just any song…. the R to end all R songs.

Create something like this, underline all the /r/ sounds and practice singing with good sounds. Practice until the words come naturally. Then belt it out so the entire internet can partake in the Christmas cheer.

Now, just so you don’t think I wimped out on this caroling extravaganza, I will share my rendition of the song.

As you hold your ears in horror that is my voice, keep in mind that I sound 10x better today than I did on Monday. *shudder*

After telling me to please go home, my co-workers chuckle, “It’s pretty sad when the ‘Speech Teacher’ can’t speak…”

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  1. You poor thing – no fun being sick. Love your blog!

  2. I can’t decide if you sound sick or like a washed-up, used-to-be-sexy-back-in-the-day lounge singer from the 1920’s who smoked all her life! (maybe that’s the same sound!!)

    Glad to hear you’re sounding better ~ hope you’re actually feeling better, too!!

  3. CC ~ Get some sleep. Seriously. Go to bed NOW and get some sleep.

  4. My daughter loves the Rudolph pages. Thanks!
    Hope your voice is better soon and you feel 100% better!

  5. Oh no, you got sick afterall! I hope you’re feeling back to normal soon! Thanks so much for the print out. Rudolph is the song C is learning this year. I had to make a similar picture & lyric page last year for O Christmas Tree, but YAY, you’ve done the work for me this year. Thanks!

  6. That is my 5 year old’s favorite song right now!

    I do hope you feel better soon…that sounds horrible.

  7. Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You’re making MY throat hurt!
    You poor thing! Go back to bed!

  8. I’m not going to lie to you CC I couldn’t bear to hear it, I hope you feel better soon, take care.

  9. could you be any more creative??? boo on being sick! 🙁

  10. LOL! I am not laughing at you, honest. I find it amazing at how devoted to blogging you really are! I am so impressed that you gave us an example in your condition.

    FEEL BETTER soon super girl!

  11. I hope you’re feeling better!!

  12. I think you are a very brave lady to even sing online, let alone sing when you’re sick. Now, Dr Mum-me says gargle with some disgusting-tasting moutwash stuff, rub some Vicks on your neck, wrap your neck with a light scarf and have a good, long sleep.

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