April Lesson Plans

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This is a little early for my free lesson plans, but soon I’ll be cuddling with my brand, new nephew and so I won’t have time to do mundane things such as lesson plan!

Click here to download my April lesson plans.

As always, these are divided into levels:

Language Level 1 (approx K-1st grades)
Language Level 2 (approx 2nd-3rd grades)
Language Level 3 (approx 4th-5th grades)
Social Language (all grades)
PreK (I will actually be using these with my high/verbal life skills students)

Screenshot 2014-03-19 17.16.26Articulation:

Not on my lesson plans, but these are the items I’ll be using all month!

Speech Club Spring: Daily articulation practice for older students working on /r/, /s,z/, and /th/. Tons of language learning fun, and carryover involved in these no-prep worksheets.

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Mini Speech Club Spring: 8 articulation activities for each month with sound cards to go with almost all of your younger students’ needs.

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Hope these are helpful!

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  1. Karen Hosier says:

    This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I love the Mini Speech Club….what an unbelievable resource! I love how you included direct links in your lesson plans. Thank you so much!!

  2. Speech Carol says:

    You are very inspiring. Keep up the great ideas!

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