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Mouse Paint

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This is an adorable short book about 3 white mice who dip themselves into primary color paint, dance around on paper, and create new colors! It contains short sentences with nice vocabulary for younger students. The story is perfect for predicting what colors the mice will make and discussing the idea of “camouflage” against the cat!

Speech Therapy Ideas
1. Practice identifying and labeling colors. Talk about how to “make” orange, green and purple. If your child knows addition, set it up like an addition problem. “Red + Yellow = Orange”

2. Vocabulary to discuss and use in sentences: dripped, puddles, stirred, cried, hopped, mixed, splashed, stiff. Older children can use these words to name synonyms and antonyms (opposites).

3. Make predictions in sentences. Say, “I predict he will make…..”

4. This book is perfect for practicing early speech sounds: /m, p/ and final sounds /s, t/. Over-emphasize these sounds in words and have your child repeat them with clear articulation.

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  1. I love this book! I used to teach preschool for a while, and it was one of the favorites. We’d get out eyedroppers and let the children experiment with colored water. Very fun!

  2. Oh, cool!

    The three children that we are looking at (they are currently up for adoption) ave some speech delays. I’ve been writing down the books you suggest!

    Thank you!


  3. We have this book! I used to read it to Aurora when she was younger.

  4. A super idea for a christmas present!

  5. Looks like a great book! And I love your tips for making the book even more valuable.

  6. I’ve got this book on my shelf. Thanks for the many great ways to use it. (My students will thank you too)

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