Super Woman’s un-doing in 6 hours or less

Friend: Can you please bring dessert and a salad to Thanksgiving dinner. Remember it will be just 4 adults and 4 kids.

Super Woman: Sure.

Super Woman: Oh, but there is a Cranberry sauce I really want to try. Can I make it?

Super Woman: And I have to make Sweet Potato Souffle. My family loves it.

Friend: Ummm. Okay?

So Thanksgiving morning the festive baking begins.

It started off fun. The kids even helped (this was before the cursing began).

And then I thought, “Hmmm… Maybe I should make some rolls too. With yeast. That’ll be fun.”

And the kids helped knead (I’m getting frustrated at this point, but no profanities yet…).

And then the Cranberry Sauce started to bubble and boil…

And the Sweet Potato Souffle topping sank…

And the cheesecakes cracked…

And the sunflower seeds refused to caramelize (not pictured because of all the cursing at this point)….

And I thought that the kids wouldn’t like Pumpkin Cheesecake so I made Mini-Apple Pies from scratch???!!!!!

And Professor X spent this entire time in bed sick so I had no relief from the “help”!!!!!!!


I so wanted to go to bed and just skip the Thanksgiving dinner after all of that.

Well, at least the rolls turned out great.

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  1. hahaha…. I’m only laughing because you just lived out my dream I had about me cooking Thanksgiving. well did it still taste good?? I’m sure it did… right? πŸ™‚

  2. If you had only called… I would have dropped off some of the funeral casseroles. We had PLENTY. Tater tots with sour cream and chicken any one?

  3. Why bring only 2 things when you can stress yourself out by committing to make 4 different dishes…LOL!!

    I am sure it all tasted great!!

    At least I wasn’t the only one cursing Thanksgiving morning…you read my story….

  4. This stuff doesn’t happen to me because people know I can’t really cook worth a darn…but I did laugh at yourbuilding frusteration…you captured it perfectly!!!

  5. LOL! That was like a moment from “If you give a mouse a cookie.”

  6. Hahaha! Laughing with you, my dear, not at you (hopefully!). Don’t you just hate it when ambition gets the best of you?! I can totally relate!

  7. You know, I’ve read a few blogs with this type of content. It seems to me that American women right across the country are thankful for everything at Thanksgiving except for thanksgiving day itself?

    At least your husband was sick! Mine would have just stayed in bed for a sleep-in while I did all the stuff. There’s something to be thankful for!!

  8. WOW! I thought Kryptonite was green, not red.

  9. I think it all looks great! You captured the food so well! I’d love to try the souffle, that sounds so yummy!

  10. Oof…sounds like one heck of a morning…

  11. I’m going to have to go with “it’s the thought that counts.” You definitely had great intentions, and get total kudos. Besides, cracked cheesecake tastes just as good as uncracked cheesecake.

  12. Holy Cow!
    Talk about taking on a tinsy bit too much! I do that all the time!

  13. Wow! You really are Super Woman! I should have invited you over to our house for Thanksgiving.

    I don’t mind if my Cheesecake is cracked πŸ™‚

  14. It all looks good to me!

    Love your building frustration! You captured that one!

  15. I LOVE you super-achievers.
    Salad = the spring greens from Costco and a tangy vinagrette
    Dessert= The cute little bakery down the street makes a killer apple pie.
    Maybe next year eh?
    Very funny post.

  16. Hey..I’d eat it with no complaints, honey! I admire your ambition!

    Btw..there’s a jewelry giveaway going on over at my blog! πŸ˜‰

  17. But they are the BEST looking rolls I’ve EVER SEEN!!!! πŸ˜‰

    Sheesh. I think that is enough to take anyone down. Sounds crazy. No wonder you are sick now.

  18. Huh. And all this because you agreed to bring salad and dessert? Wow.

    I understand how you felt there at the end of the post ~ the same thing would have happened to me. I’m good at taking on more than I can handle gracefully…

  19. ok, for the record, i am still all about eating cracked cheese cake…so pass it along. and hubby’s always sleep don’t they?

  20. OK, now I need to go make some rolls~!
    At least you tried REALLY hard–you get and A+++++ for effort.

    Whenever the cheesecakes crack I cover it up with cherry pie filling. Works every time and people think I’m an expert baker.

    OK, think I’ll add some cheesecake to those rolls now. Thanks a lot!

  21. so did the cranberry sauce turn out? My turned out to be soup because I forgot to cool it down at room temp before putting it in the fridge! Grrr! But, they ate it anyway!

  22. Next year, get “the help” to do it. Or just do the salad and dessert!

  23. why are the holidays always so stressful? it all looks very yummy to me by the way tho πŸ™‚

  24. Isn’t it frustrating when someone volunteers you to do more than is humanly possible … and that someone is YOURSELF! Grrrrrr … what’s wrong with us?

  25. I love home made cranberry sauce!

  26. I still don’t think I could do it by myself. Husband does so much of Thanksgiving dinner!

  27. Hey, I love your blog! Thanks for comin over to mine so I could find yours! I know how you feel about all the “help” – we try to think positive and happy thoughts but it just always seems to come back around to cursing and momma taking a long time out…but that is just me! :]

  28. Aww A for effort..I’m sure it all still was yummy despite the cosmetics:). Homemade rolls..I am impressed with that alone!!

  29. That would never happen to a real supermommy… (I buy all that stuff at Costco) πŸ˜‰

  30. Yikes! That is waaay to much ambition on a Thanksgiving morning!

  31. You are much more adventurous than me… I couldn’t even bake a pumpkin pie out of a box without messing it up (first undercooked it, then burned it).

    btw, I like your new Christmas design πŸ™‚

  32. Hi! That’s a real super power you have there. Those things look great!!! I’m hungry now.

    Best wishes,


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