How to get Speech Therapy for your Child

I was surfing the internet trying to find some resources for my friend when I found this page on

How to Find Help to Pay For Your Child’s Speech Therapy

This page provides a multitude of great ideas including:
University Speech Therapy Clinics: All Masters Students need to go through many hours of clinical practice. Because the students are being graded, they usually go above and beyond to provide the best services. The speech therapy provided is usually excellent and very inexpensive. There are often long waiting lists to get into these clinics so sign up right away.

Rite Care: Free and/or inexpensive Speech Therapy Clinics provided through the Scottish Rite Foundation. I have known several excellent Speech Pathologists who provided services at the Scottish Rite.

Early Intervention State Offices : Scroll down on the page and choose your state from the drop down menu. The page will provide you with some contact information for evaluation and therapy services up to age 5. A doctor can provide you with a referral, or you can refer your own child.

Private Insurance: Contact your health insurance company. Your doctor will need to provide your child with a referral.

School-aged Therapy Services (for children grades K-12): Contact your child’s classroom teacher or school-based Speech Pathologist.

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  1. These are some great resources, thanks! Because our son has a disability and is eligible for Medical Assistance in our state, that insurance will also cover some therapy our regular insurance won’t.

  2. Thank you for this information. it seems that every year my sister-in-law has to figure out how to keep her son in speech therapy and where to go, etc.
    I will share this with her.

  3. You know, you are such a blessing. As I was going down the checklist for “must haves before adopting” I came to speech therapy books, tools, etc. I immediately thought of you.


  4. Shame on insurance companies for not seeing autism-related therapy as a medical necessity. Our insurance company wouldn’t cover speech or any therapy requested to treat developmental delay/autism. But my pediatrician helped me to document that my son’s fluency was negatively affected by his medications, and the insurance company had to cover service. Genius!

  5. Totally off subject of your post. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by our blog and sharing a bit of your story!

  6. Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve had such a hard time getting speech services for my daughter. Thanks to a nasty, nasty custody battle this is one issue that keeps slipping through the cracks in spite of the fact that I have begged and pleaded for help and tried to advocate for her while all they do is throw around terms like “in her best interests”.

    Well this is one “best interest” that they just overlook so I’m having to do it all by myself with very little resources. So I really appreciate this.

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