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December Speech and Language Activities

I actually sometimes hate the fact that we only have a few weeks of school in December, because there are sooooo many fun things to do!

I looked back on the last 5 (almost 6!) years of blog posts and found a ton that I want to re-share with you!

December collage

Holiday Language Units

1. Christmas Around the World: I love this new unit because I learned so much about holiday traditions around the world when writing it! This unit works on listening comprehension, vocabulary, and compare/contrast skills.Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.30.54

2.  Holiday Pronouns: This is a super cute activity for younger elementary students. It works on pronouns and following directions of different levels of complexity. And there are cookies. Nuff said.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.31.11


3.  File Folder Categories: Christmas/Birthday: A FREE file folder categorizing activity. This can be done in a group of independently. For higher language students it’s a great way to spark discussion about WHY.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.31.02

4. Holiday Social Skills: I branched into social skills with a holiday theme this year. This download covers thinking about others, asking questions about others, keeping the topic going, and feelings of others.Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.31.20

Holiday Book Companions

1. Polar Express: This was one of my first book companions and the book is one of my favorite author/illustrators! I completely updated it a few weeks ago too. Love this book and companion!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.40.37

2. Gingerbread Baby: This is a great book for story sequencing and for using during the holiday season without fear of a “Christmas” theme. The author/illustrator (Jan Brett) is absolutely amazing and this is a great set. I updated my book companion of a few weeks ago and it is great!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.40.553. The Animals’ Christmas Carol: A really cute and short book. This one is good for simple rhyming and vocabulary activities.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 11.32.074. Tree of Cranes: A fabulous picture book with gorgeous illustrations about a little boy celebrating Christmas in Japan.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 11.24.54

Holiday Articulation

1. Rudolph: This post talks about working on /r/ with the Rudolph song!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.49.39

2. Articulation Word Search for the Holidays: A fun and FREE word search!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 11.16.12

Other Learning Traditions in my Family

1. Christmas Codes: How the kids must work on math skills before they can open any gifts!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.51.44

2. Decorating a Tree–Wheelchair Style: My son’s reflection on our holiday traditions.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.54.21

3. Learning the States: Using Christmas cards to learn geography.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 10.56.25

4. Giving Locally: A holiday poem I wrote about the ways that we’ve helped families from my school.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 11.03.34

5. Giving Globally: One of my favorite posts EVER. I wrote this “12 Days of Christmas” type song to talk about what the holiday season should REALLY be about.

Screenshot 2013-11-27 11.05.20Photo by carf

And… other random Christmas posts I’ve done

1. Merry Christmas from the Super Family

Screenshot 2013-11-27 11.10.51

2. A Christmas Conversation with myself: Random thoughts while stuck at home on Christmas Eve. Plus a recipe for snow cream!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 11.12.16

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