I love me my Go Talk 9+. This is a very simple 12 button voice output device. You record short messages for each button. There are 5 levels that can be saved (like 5 different files on the computer) so you can switch from level to level without re-recording. The top 3 buttons remain consistent on all 5 levels and are good for general greetings, requests, or needs.

The board I have displayed on this Go Talk is used daily in my Life Skills class circle. We go through weather and days of the week through song. Because a number of my students have very limited verbal skills, they use the Go Talk and then attempt to repeat the words with their voices.

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  1. Very cool. My kindergartner has a classmate whose communication is extremely limited. I wonder if her parents have heard of this.

  2. Wordless Wednesdays for a speech pathologist?


    Anywho, my daughter has a preschool friend who uses a similar device.

  3. Hello! We are using a Go-Talk with a student who is beginning to use some speech and uses some sign language, but this tool helps him participate in music, games, and stories at a similar pace to peers in his class. He loves it! It’s an amazing device, we love it ๐Ÿ™‚

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