Social Behavior Mapping

Social Behavior Mapping is a technique developed by Michelle Garcia Winner. Ms. Winner has written and presented on a number of fabulous ideas for working with children with Autism and other Social-Cognitive difficulties. The mapping technique is based on the principle that what you do has an effect on others around you, which in turn effects you. Many children with Social-Cognitive difficulties have a very difficult time relating their own actions to the consequences. For example, a child may not understand that their time out was a result of pushing several students out of the way when rushing to the book bin. Alternately, they may not understand that a positive consequence may result from using kind words or actions.

Within a small group, I helped develop the following map of the expected behavior of “compliments”. We then chose one item from each column to talk about the sequence of events. When I start with a nice word to another, I end up happy.

For more of Ms. Garcia’s ideas, visit her website at www.socialthinking.com

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  1. Your blog makes me want to cry! It is so nice to finally meet someone that has some “out of the box” thinking. I can’t wait to read EVERYTHING in your blog. I hope to become life long friends.

    Mom of a special needs child…Christa

  2. Even children without special needs can benefit from this map. I’m thinkin’ my almost 4-yr old might finally catch on to actions => consequences vs. actions => rewards if I’d use something like this!

  3. Hi CC! Thanks for visiting The Wonderwheel tonight – I enjoyed taking a look at yours, too! I LOVE Michelle Garcia Winner! You would probably appreciate the writing I’ve done at The Family Room blog where I’m an SLP guest-blogger. Here’s a link to one on some social mapping that I thought you’d enjoy: http://susanetlinger.typepad.com

    I’ll look forward to reading more here!

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