My Favorite Assessment Tool

I love fillable assessments! Check out why they are awesome with this post.

This used to be a common scene in my speech room:

I finish a group, check my schedule, and see that I need to assess Johnny for upcoming IEP goals (or RTI, or informal assessment). I rush out of the room, down the three hallways to Johnny’s room and take him out of class. We walk three hallways back to class, enter the speech room and sit down. And that’s when I realize that because of my 8:00am IEP meeting, I never pre-printed a copy of the assessment. I tell Johnny to “hold on”, search for the form on my computer, print it out, and then finally begin the assessment.

Here’s why this scene rarely occurs now:

Fillable forms

I learned how to create fillable assessment/probe forms and my assessment changed dramatically. Now, I didn’t need to print anything up ahead of time for each student. I did not need extra pages of data and notes. I could take data right on my computer as I assessed. And I could print out the results at the end. Gasp. I had no idea that this awesomeness was attainable for mortals such as myself.

Watch the video of how I use the fillable forms:

Although it was a steep learning curve for me to figure out how to make them, now I am re-making most of my assessments and RTI products to include this valuable tool! The following products now include fillable data forms:

Informal Assessments:

RTI/Dynamic Assessments:

Check out my newest RTI with a fillable data form!

Screenshot 2015-10-26 16.38.53

Screenshot 2015-10-26 17.37.26

Assessment data AND activities to address the skills in Story Retelling, Vocabulary, and Basic Concepts!

Screenshot 2015-10-26 17.37.35 Screenshot 2015-10-26 17.37.50 Screenshot 2015-10-26 17.38.06

And… my favorite part! The fillable data forms!Screenshot 2015-10-26 17.38.13

Get your copy of this great new assessment and activities tool here!

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  1. Brenda Forslund says:

    I LOVE your blog and materials!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. I love these assessments. I’m just wondering if you can elaborate as to what capacity you use these? Are they in addition to standardized assessments or is it just with/for RTI?

    1. I usually use them for dynamic assessments or when a child has been recommended for response to intervention. The materials are designed to do a pre-test, a few therapy sessions, and a post test. This is perfect information to gather when deciding if special education testing should be done. I use my Language Informal Assessment along side of standardized tests when I want info that is more aligned with the common core.

  3. Colette Titus says:

    Your materials are amazing! Where do you find the time to create them? Do you sleep? Ha-ha! Thank you SO much for sharing all of your creative and informative materials!

    1. I sleep! I really do! Thank you so much for the compliment!

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