The Road to a Fabulous Week

Road to fabulous week

Although I hate spending part of my weekend getting ready for the week. Wow. What a difference it makes!

Here are my “go to” tips to help you have a fabulous week!

1.  Make your lunches in advance

Seriously. Just do it. This summer I bought a myriad of (affiliate link) lunch containers. I make all of my lunches on Sunday night. Then each morning, I can pop one into my backpack and take it to school.


2. Choose a weekly work “uniform”

It might sound silly to have a clothes uniform schedule, but you will find that the amount of time that you save is well worth the lack of originality. If you have been considering using Marie Kondo’s method of decluttering (see her best selling book here), then this is a great way to clean out your closet! I wear all solid colors and have the following “uniform” schedule:

  • Monday: Simple dress with leggings
  • Tuesday: Khakis with shirt and sweater
  • Wednesday: Simple dress with leggings
  • Thursday: Khakis with shirt and sweater
  • Friday: Jeans and school tee-shirt

3. Schedule your meals

There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work, rushing out to take the kids to activities, and then coming home after 6:00 with nothing planned for dinner. Then I spend some time on Saturday morning looking at the calendar for the week and planning meals Then I write them into my planner, and write down any special ingredients that I need to buy. (Click here to get a coupon off of your own Erin Condren planner!)

meal plan

4. Shop

I have to tell you how much I hate shopping. I hate spending money; I hate waiting in line; I hate putting groceries away. The entire process is torture to me. That said, I force myself to shop on the weekends. One day and one trip only. If mid-week an extra item or ingredient is needed.. TOO bad. It is not worth my time, energy or money, to do extra shopping trips during the work week.

5. Clean

Just do it. Make a list, get out the cleaning supplies, and tidy the house. It doesn’t have to be great. I don’t do a thoroughly cleaning of the house ever. I just try to make it look decent once a week (vacuum, mop, dust, organize) and call it good. Make it a habit to do once a week (every Saturday morning?), suffer through it and you are done for the week.


There you go. These aren’t new and mind blowing techniques. But, they make all the difference in setting yourself up for a fabulous week!

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  1. Have you tried eMeals? We subscribed to a budget friendly eMeals plan and that takes making a shopping list off the weekly schedule. You choose the meal plan and pick meals that sound good, and eMeals will generate a shopping list for you. They even include coupon or sale items for your favorite grocery store. I am not an advertiser I promise, just a busy SLP like you! Thanks for your posts!

    1. I’ve been trying something else and I’ll post about it next month.

  2. Great post! I ordered the lunch containers today! Thanks for the motivation!

  3. I absolutely love these. I am a brand new SLP-CF in a school. I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing!

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