100th Post. 100 Things.

This could get ugly.

If you are one of the two people who has been consistently reading this blog, you may recognize some of these facts. (Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!)

1. I am constantly learning new things
2. Some strengthen my super powers for good
3. Some for evil
4. I try to err on the side of good
5. I’ve lived on both coasts but never in the middle of the US
6. I love the ocean
7. I wanted to be a Marine Biologist
8. I got pretty close
9. Until I realized I couldn’t student teach AND do marine research during the same semester
10. So I “just” studied biology
11. And became a science teacher
12. That barely lasted a year
13. I was one of two students in all my bio classes who never wanted to go to med school
14. I didn’t want to be a dentist either
15. Because looking in mouths is gross
16. Ha! Joke’s on me! Guess what I do every day?
17. I went to a college prep school growing up
18. And an Ivy League university
19. And now I work in a low income public school with kids with special needs
20. Yes. I am aware of the irony in that.
21. Yes. My family almost had a heart attack when they found out what I wanted to do with my expensive degrees
22. I consider myself a semi-geek
23. You couldn’t go to my college and not consider yourself a geek
24. I’ve been married to the same man for 10.5 years
25. He has to put up with a lot
26. Everyone in my family is Asian American but me
27. I started swimming “lessons” when I was less than 1 years old
28. I’m not really sure how that worked
29. But I survived
30. And went on to be on a swim team for 9 years
31. I s*cked
32. I was a national debator in high school
33. I think I’ve lost those particular super powers
34. My four year old can now outwit me in an argument
35. D’oh!
36. I still don’t mind speaking in front of a group
37. If I actually have something to say
38. Which is rare
39. I think I prefer talking to the world via the internet
40. I’m an internet junkie
41. And quite a good multi-tasker
42. I can lead a speech session of 2 kids working on /r/ sounds while checking my email
43. And I really am paying attention to the kids
44. I’ve worried about my own kids speech since before they were born
45. Because I knew everything that “could” go wrong
46. They think I’m a little neurotic
47. A little?
48. I started traveling (internationally) without my parents at age 11
49. Free at last!
50. I chose to go to college 3000 miles from home so that I could be totally independent
51. I learned that that s*cks when you have to put everything in storage every summer
52. Or when you need to do laundry
53. My mom feared I’d fall in love with someone in college and stay on the east coast
54. And that’s exactly what I did!
55. I did come back though
56. Eventually
57. But not to the same state
58. Or even reasonable driving distance
59. The one time I tried to drive it, I almost got stopped on a mountain highway due to weather
60. The cars that were stopped couldn’t move for 2 days.
61. I love kids
62. I am not patient with kids
63. I am not patient with adults either
64. My husband has to put up with a lot
65. I love me a good quote
66. And a good cup of coffee
67. And a cold Diet Coke
68. And I must have dark chocolate
69. Anyone who can quote me “Buffy” or “Gilmore Girls” is my new BFF
70. Bored now.
71. Ha! If you got that then I love you!
72. I am trying to live more generously
73. I’m told my humor can be very dry and you may not catch (or understand) my jokes
74. Luckily, my husband does
75. It’s good at least one person does
76. I had no idea what Speech-Language Pathology was when I started graduate school
77. Not my brightest leap of faith
78. Luckily, I turned out to really enjoy it!
79. My children were born 3000 miles away from me
80. Riddle me that!
81. I used to read a lot
82. I loved history books and sleeping in
83. Before I had kids
84. I still listen to many books on tape
85. The only way the housework gets done is if I have a good book on tape
86. I’ve found that the reader is almost more important than the author
87. I enjoy “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” even more than books on tape
88. Absolutely hilarious
89. I type very fast and make many typos
90. I apologize in advance for all the typos you will endure
91. I’m a snob about mis-spellings, punctuation errors, and grammar mistakes in other people’s writing
92. Yes. That is hypocrisy.
93. I am a strong advocate and supporter of adoption
94. Every family should at least consider adoption or foster care
95. Your life will forever be changed. Hopefully with wonderful things if you proceed with caution and a lot of education.
96. My husband has been in seminary for 7 years and has about 5 years to go.
97. When I agreed to marry him, he was going to be a Chemistry professor
98. I put up with a lot too
99. I love to bake
100. Because I love to eat
101. An extra for good luck: I am one blessed lady and thank God every day for all He has given me!

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  1. I’m new to you so this was very interesting to me. Ivy league school and now teach in public…that’s great. I love Gilmore Girls and my favorite quote to my husband when he wants to do something daring – You jump, I jump Jack.

    Have a Happy Easter.

  2. Oh, my goodness, now I know why I enjoy your blog so much. Lots in common, I think. But perhaps that’s just me.

    I’m a couple of weeks behind you in posting my 100th.

    Have a Happy Easter!!!!

  3. Yay! Great post. I learned so much about you. Now I am worried about Eliza’s speech. I love books on tape too. I have a long commute and the first book I listened to was Gone With the Wind. I just put up my list of 100 too.

  4. I love the way you wrote this! An enjoyable way to learn more about you. Keep writing!!

  5. I think the speech thing is a teacher thing… I worry about my son’s speech all the time too and he’s only 16 months old.

    thanks for visiting my blog… I’ll have to add you to my google reader so I can keep up with your blog… I too have an odd sense of humor!

  6. What a cool first post to be greeted with!

    “I think I prefer talking to the world via the internet.” Yeah, me too . . .

    So many things we share! From dark chocolate and loving to eat to teaching and loving good quotes . . . I could go on!

  7. I totally puffy heart all Speech Language Pathologists. My Danger Boy has been in speech therapy since he developed explosive onset Tourettes 2 weeks before kindergarten started. His main vocal tic is stuttering.

    So I don’t even know you and I love you.

    Oh yeah, total NPR geek here, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” Rocks

    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  8. I also love chocolate, gilmore girls, and kids. in that order ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Happy 100!

    You’ve got a great blog going there.

  10. Oh my, you really do have super powers! I am coming up on post 200, not sure if I could muster up 200 things.

    What a wonderful mosaic of info!

  11. This was great! I really enjoyed reading more about you.

  12. Good to know, good to know. Lots of interesting stuff goin’ on here!! Happy 100!

    Hey, we can be BFF’s!!! I’m SO sad Gilmore Girls isn’t on TV anymore! That was totally my favourite show. (“You’re talking just to stay warm, aren’t you?!”)

    Haha, I had to delete my comment and re-do it because there was a GLARING grammatical error!! Just for you. And now I’m totally paranoid about hitting the ‘publish your comment’ button….

  13. I’m so thrilled to have more than 2 readers! Thanks for all the encouraging comments.

    I also have a confession to make to my GG friends. We don’t get the tv station that showed GG. So I’m always a year behind. After the previous year’s episodes come out on DVD I put it on my list at the library. So…. I’ve been waiting for about 5 months to see LAST year’s season. By the time I’m 1st in line at the library, it will probably be on sale at Target and I’ll end up buying it. That is what has happened for all the other seasons. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Oh, good thing I didn’t start discussing the way it ended then!!

  15. I can’t quote Gilmore Girls, but I totally got #70. Wow, I miss that show.

  16. thanks for stopping by my blog. i am joining you in youf effort to blog about autism awareness this april. what a cool thing!

  17. Great 100 things! And great to get to know you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  18. Wow, now THAT’s impressive. And I’m totally with you on:

    64. My husband has to put up with a lot
    65. I love me a good quote
    66. And a good cup of coffee
    67. And a cold Diet Coke


  19. Just followed you over here from your comment on my blog. What a great first post to read–now I already know so much about you! Marine biology, huh? I knew some people studying to be marine biologists in college; I wonder, now, if they ever “made it” (I know the job market must be very difficult).

    And I loved “Buffy.”

  20. WOW – awesome!

    What a great way to get to know you!

    Thanks for dropping by the Fringe and leaving a comment.

  21. That was great. I love your blog! I found you thru the Ultimate Party and wanted to invite you over to my site for a fun contest this week. You could be my lucky winner or my unfortunate loser . . . either way, I hope you laugh a little.

  22. Yup, loving you even more.

    I’m entirely fascinated about adoption.
    I’m entirely fascinated with speech pathology.
    I’m entirely annoyed by spelling/grammar mistakes.
    I’m entirely a hypocrite too.

  23. I am your new BFF. I have GG seasons 1-6 memorized, as do my hubby and children. (The kids probably put it on more than I do.) We have one foster son – in the middle. (Major growth experience for everyone involved.) And why does everyone assume you must be a saint or have vast amounts of patience to work with special need kids? Definitely not patience, perhaps greater self-control? Some days anyway ;D

  24. Just read your GG follow-up comment! LOL! THAT is why I don’t have season 7 memorized yet. I’ve been too cheap to fork out the money for it. Still waiting for it to be as cheap as the other seasons. Heeheehee! (I live on a cash budget too.)

  25. What a great 100th post!

    I just saw this on your sidebar…now I feel like I “Know” you a little better!


  26. This is awesome! I may have to do one of these for my blogs. I always love quizzes on facebook…might as wells carry them over to my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great post!

  27. a nice way to introduce yourself. Hi, I’m Kaye

  28. Hey there, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

    I love this 100 Things list you wrote. Hysterical! You really have a gift for writing, humor, and looking on the bright side.

    I totally know what you mean about being married to an eternal student (for 10 years too ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m impressed with how long you’ve been writing, how frequently you post, and the range of your topics.

    You can really tell you have a lot of fun with the blog, and with life.

    Thanks again for reaching out.


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