Comfort Food for the Frazzled SLP

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This school year has been especially frazzling (I hope I just created a new word there!) for me. I have possibly permanent scars on my face and arms from scratches and bites. My legs have endured (and fully recovered from) innumerable bruises. It’s been a more physical year than usual for me.

And then, there is the physical destruction that seems to be worse this year. This picture was from today when a student dumped hundreds of items on the floor while running around in circles.

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Although I know what I should do after a really hard therapy session: take some deep breaths, remember not to take it personally, relax. What I really do is: whine and gripe, text my husband and friends, and long for sweets. As soon as I get home from work and I tell my kids about my day, my daughter know what we need to do. Bake.

Here are a list of my favorite comfort foods after a day like today:

Banana Oat Cookies— no sugar needed so they are a “health food” in my book!

No Bake Cookies— These taste much better to me if they are poured in a big pan and cut up like bars instead of individual cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies— This Crisco recipe makes them light and fluffy!

Thick and Chewy Double Chocolate Chip Cookies— I just made these for the first time. They. are. amazing.


So… how about you?? I’d love to find your your comfort foods so I can add them into my recipe box!


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  1. Oh man that looks rough! You are not alone. I suffered 3 bites and 1 physical assault (books being thrown at me and punches) this week… but I survived, and told the story with a little laugh coming out of me! (Tuff SLPS!)


  2. Elizabeth says:

    I think it is time for you to look for a new job. Students with such intensive issues need more care than you can provide. This is not the environment that is best for them, for you, or for the other students. And it seems to me that you have been given a great deal of responsibility for these students beyond meeting their communication/pragmatic needs. I remember when you used to post recipes. I love your cookie recipes! My comfort food is refried beans. Sounds dumb, but I love them. I also like spinach pie…a recipe I got from the Victory Garden Cookbook. Hope you did not have to do much of anything this weekend. No matter how calm you remain during the time kiddos are attacking you and your stuff, you feel it physically and emotionally when it is all over. It takes a toll. Take care.

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