Why do I blog?

Frame by: http://onceuponaportable.blogspot.com/

I blog because I have a story of which to make others aware.
I blog because I have a poem that I want to share.

I blog because of a speechy idea that I want to tell.
I blog because of a product that I’m excited to sell.

I blog to get the hard things off my chest.
I blog because I know that my family is the best.

I blog because professional therapy costs lots!
I blog to meet others and share some thoughts.

I blog to get feedback and know others are reading.
I blog because even Super Woman needs to know her heart is still beating.

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  1. Love how you shared so many things about yourself in this very clever poem—and I realized after reading it that we have something in common…I’ve danced the same dance as you! You put into words so many of my same thoughts! Love your honesty and bravery! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. From a new blogger, I am truly inspired by this post. Thank you! And I love the name of your blog, so true!


    AND BTW E LOVES your “super girl” pic and when I said you were my friend, she said “Have you met her?” and I said “YUP!” and she said “Was she wearing her super girl outfit?”

    hehehe. I said no, she wasn’t. She doesn’t want people to know she is super girl ๐Ÿ˜‰

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