Comparison of Social Language Disorders- Asperger’s (2)

This information was obtained through the LinguiSystems catalog. It was adapted from “The Source for Asperger’s Syndrome” by Timothy Kowalski. I cannot verify accuracy as there is a range, but it does make for some good comparing and contrasting of diagnoses.

A child with Asperger’s Syndrome typically has an IQ within the normal range. That said, the 2 most brilliant children I have ever worked with (both with IQ scores over 140) both had diagnoses of Asperger’s Syndrome. Because they seem to be developing typically at an early age (gross motor, fine motor, speech), most children with Asperger’s Syndrome are not diagnosed until after 3 years of age. Children with Asperger’s have obsessive interests, for example, they may only want to read and talk about: airplanes, dinosaurs, science facts, science fiction. The diagnosis is 5 times more common in boys than girls.

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  1. Thanks for sticking with it, CC. You have valuable information to share. Why do the work if you don’t want it shared with the people it could help?

  2. On a related note . . . I just finished one of the best reads ever, “Look Me In The Eye” by John Elder Robison. Great account of growing up with Asperger’s before it was even recognized.

  3. Did you see the movie “Mozart and the Whale” (a love story between two people with Asperger’s). I really liked it…
    So I used to go to Imago, now I attend Evergreen Life in the NW. I live in close-in NE pdx. Do you think we’ve met? Small world!

  4. Great job. keep giving us this great information.

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