Comparison of Social Language Disorders: ADHD

This information was obtained through the LinguiSystems catalog. It was adapted from “The Source for Asperger’s Syndrome” by Timothy Kowalski. I cannot verify accuracy as there is a range, but it does make for some good comparing and contrasting of diagnoses.

Children with Attention Defecit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) tend to have IQ scores within the average range. Most are diagnosed after 3 years of age, and many in the school years when their difficulties impact their learning and behavior within a structured classroom. They do not display difficulties with muscle movement coordination and have normal language skills. Although on a purely personally observation, many of the child that I test (who had diagnoses of ADHD) perform better on the expressive language portions of my testing than the receptive language portions–an unusual phenomenon. A child with ADHD will sometimes have difficulty with syntax (grammar) and semantics (meaning of language). 90% of children diganosed with ADHD are male.

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