Twas a week before Christmas

Twas a week before Christmas
And all through the school,
All the students were rowdy
Ignoring the rule.

Buzzing all through their classes
All anxious to speak.
To announce what great presents
They’d get in a week.

What the kids wouldn’t tell us
Was their desperate state:
A whole week since they’ve eaten;
No clothes fit their weight.

They come to school hungry
Their clothes may be torn,
Their appearance disheveled,
Their lives are too worn.

Nestled deep in suburbs,
“They’re lazy” some rant.
“You are raising our taxes.”
“Get-a-job!” is the chant.

Would it help if they knew that
These moms work full-time?
But on minimum wage, you
Just can’t save a dime.

The “faults” of their parents
The kids shouldn’t pay.
Should their needs go unmet while
Our wealth’s on display?

So our school’s teachers give
(‘stead of receiving)
New clothes, toys, and food-stuffs for
Hunger relieving

Spending all year collecting
Through coupons and deals.
Now distribute to boxes
With Holiday meals.

Doesn’t matter where you live,
Or what you pursue,
If you don’t suffer hunger,
There’s much you can do.

Volunteering, befriending,
And mentoring’s swell.
Understanding their problems
By listening well.

by Super Woman and Professor X

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  1. That was a very touching and meaningful poem.

  2. What a wonderful thing – to collect these items all year long. And it is good to get the kids involved too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What a great way to share a very important message.
    You have my applause!

  4. Absolutely fantastic.
    Thank you for reinforcing the true spirit of the season.

    Clever poem!

  5. Okay, it is official, you are my new favorite blog. Thanks for inspiring!

  6. (I’m standing on my couch applauding) I’m so impressed, you guys are like Simon and Garfunkle over there.

  7. Thank you for posting! Even “suburbs” have poverty and hungry children. Our school district has amazing teachers that often feed their students. Bless you!

  8. amen. It’s a great reminder that even though we may often not feel “rich”, we really indeed are and have much to share…. a lot of our stuff, bought with deals have been donated to food pantries and the troops.

  9. This is SO touching and now I’m in tears!

    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!

  10. That was wonderful! Looks like you have collected a great amount of things!

  11. Great post! As always, you rock!

  12. Can you see the standing ovation you’re getting? I hope so!

  13. That is so awesome! Sometimes I think we become blind to the need that is all around us!

  14. What fun! Yay for giving. ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to pick a charity this year.

  15. Beautifully written and wonderful acts of kindness.

  16. What a fantastic thing to do!
    Merry christmas!

  17. Oh my goodness! You’re amazing. The whole school. I love that so very much, and I’m sure the families appreciate it as well. It warms my heart to see people giving instead of receiving at this time of year.

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