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Blog Birthday Day 2: 6 Super Blog Posts

Screenshot 2014-01-19 16.25.00

Click on the pictures to read my favorite post from each year I have been blogging!



Screenshot 2014-01-18 20.45.03Because I know you want to know 100 random things about me!
If you are looking for lots of non-speech related posts. Head to 2008.


Screenshot 2014-01-18 21.03.35I wrote tons of poems in 2009.


Screenshot 2014-01-18 21.02.10I wrote about my husband’s disability a lot in 2010.


Screenshot 2014-01-18 21.06.37

Because sometimes, I just need a little reminder. 😉


Screenshot 2014-01-18 21.13.45My visuals and materials skills picked up a LOT in 2012.


Screenshot 2014-01-18 21.17.50I feel that both my speech and personal posts improved dramatically in 2013.
Best blogging year ever.


Here’s to a great 7th year of blogging!


Here’s your Freebie for today…. Click on the image below to get my month of lesson plans! Screenshot 2014-01-19 16.58.37


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  1. 1sparklleslp says:

    Wow, 6 years! Simply amazing! I can’t wait until the summer to catch up on reading ALL your posts! Thanks for being an inspiration to SLPs!

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