Noise Induced Hearing Loss and a Giveaway!

Don’t your kids hate it when you neurotically pull the headphones from their heads to check the music volume?

*crickets chirping*

Oh. So I’m slightly more anal than the average parent regarding headphone usage?

But rightfully so! Noise induced hearing loss is completely preventable if your ears are protected.

A normal conversation is at an approximate volume of 60dB. Chainsaws and bulldozers are at around 100dB. MP3 and other personal music devices can reach volumes of 120+dB! Exposure to noises of 85dB+ can damage hair cells and hearing nerves. The damage may be temporary or permanent and can affect both the volume and clarity of what is heard.

Listen to the following audio clips to demonstrate the effect of noise-induced hearing loss.

If your child has normal hearing, this is what they can hear:
Speech in a quiet environment
Speech in a noisy environment

If your child has a mild noise-induced hearing loss, this is what they will hear:
Speech in a quiet environment
But here is where the hearing loss makes a huge difference. Imagine your child at school trying to listen to others:
Speech in a noisy environment

If your child has a moderately-severe noise-induced hearing loss, this is what they will hear:
Speech in a quiet environment
Speech in a noisy environment

Now who’s proud that they neurotically check the iPod volume? 😉

My children are extremely thankful for the package we received last week containing three iHearSafe headphones. These headphones do not allow dangerous volumes to reach your child’s ears. Regardless of how high the child cranks the volume, the volume will not exceed 85dB. Which means that mommy will stop yanking the headphones off their ears.


Some of the great features included:
*The headphones were extremely comfy. Even my finicky daughter did not complain.
*The earclips were colorful and trendy. My son was especially pleased that they were shiny red.
*The earbuds were comfortable and easy to use.

Here is the best part. They are giving away your choice of product to two of my super readers.

To enter this giveaway, please visit iHearSafe and tell me:
1. One thing you learned on the website
2. If you would like the headphones , earclips , or earbuds if you win
3. Gain an extra entry by blogging about this giveaway, then come back and leave a comment with the link

Although you will not get an extra entry for following me, I’d sure love it if new readers stuck around for a while. 😉

Giveaway will close 2/28/09. U.S. Residents only. Winners will be chosen with and given 48 hours to respond.

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  1. I’m not entering, but wanted to give you a high-five for being concerned about the hearing. Our kids get so mad at us – if we can hear the music when they’re wearing earphones, it’s too loud.

  2. Wow, sounds louder than 85 decibels can damage your hearing. Normal conversation is 60 decibels.

    That’s why my son says “Huh?” to everything I say!!

    If I were to win, I would choose the earbuds.

  3. Hearing loss stinks.
    It affects one in ways that hearing people woudl never imagine.
    Yee haw to you for promoting this.
    I’d love the headphones. Probably wouldn’t work for me, but I’d like to my kids to not have to go through what i did.
    (My loss is not noise induced, it is more profound, but I will do whatever to prevent loss in my kids.)

  4. My Dad lost his hearing in one ear due to his job at a chemical plant. From him I knew that it was permanent but I learned from the site that it is the HAIRS that do not grow back!
    I would pick the headphones.

    Erika N.

  5. I didn’t realize that the cells wouldn’t grow back. We get all over my son when he is listening to his portable DVD player headphones on long trips and gradually the volume gets louder and louder. These headphones would be awesome!

  6. I knew that noise level could be bad for the hearing such as concert goers will leave with a muffle sound.

    I learned that there are headphones available that do not allow the volume above 85 decibels and that MP3 players can actually go up to 120 decibels (ouch).

    These headphones would be cool to win. I wold love the earbuds…but the earclips would be great as well. 🙂

  7. That’s great that you can test your kid’s hearing. I am trying it! I learned that CDC has something to do with hearing…who knew!

    I would like to try the earclips if I win.

    theradgensclan (at) hotmail (dot) com

  8. WOW. I honestly had no idea about the effect of continual noise on the cells. That is scary when I think of the noises that Super B is exposed to.

    This is truly an eye-opener. Thank you.

    If I win, I’d love the headphones!

  9. I had no idea that hairs in your ears added hearing. I know that I do worry about the headphone noise…I never thought about letteing him use headphones for the games!! I love this idea SO much!!

    I know we would need the ear clips, he can’t handle the sensation of something stuck in his ears…

    I’m already a follower!!

  10. That is awesome! Thanks so much for the info!

  11. My oldest is addicted to her ipod. She is only allowed to use the type of earphones that go on the outside of your ear. If she can’t hear me when I talk in a normal voice then she has to give me her ipod.

    So it is in her best interest to keep the volume LOW.

    Personally I can’t listen to head phones for more than 20 minutes before it starts hurting.

  12. I learned from the website that the safe ear buds look just like the regular kind sold in the store. I would love the ear buds for any of our mp3 players. This would save me numerous times of telling my boys to turn down their music.

  13. Your post is really important. A hearing loss can be a real impediment to self-confidence. There’s a strong fear that people will think ‘deaf equals dumb’.

    ALSO – I’d love to win these over the ear headphones because I can’t wear in-the ear buds. I’ve not found a decent, affordable pair, and I’ve been searching.

    So what have I learnt from your website? More to the point, what has Peaches learnt. She’s started singing along to ‘I live here, I live here’ to the tune of Frere Jacques. She’ll know her complete address before she’s three at this rate. I’d never have hoped for her to achieve this if it wasn’t for your blog.

    But GAH! I see this is for US residents only.

    Ah well, I enjoyed that burst of hope while it lasted;)

  14. Great post.

    I so need these for my kids. They got fake Ipods for Christmas (they are only 4 & 5.)

    1. I learned that companies like Apple and others don’t care what level their headphones go to and don’t have a concern about the consumers hearing. I shouldn’t really be surprised…

    2. Headphones

  15. Wow! This is super cool. I have been hearing a lot about hearing loss lately. Mainly from my dh who has loss much of his hearing due to high noise volumes. I certainly don’t want my dd to go through the same thing. She is starting to notice when I use my ipod and wants to do it as well.

    The site was very informative. I didn’t know that a normal converstaion is only at 60 decibles and sounds over 85 can damage hearing. That really isn’t a big difference. I can’t believe that companies don’t care about whether their product damages hearing or not. They are waiting for a law-suit! I think that many people don’t care how loud their music is (my dh)and so other companies have nothing to worry about. I think if kids are used to certain levels of noise, they will have less problems later.

    Which one would I choose…hard to say. Probaby my dd would do better with the headphone or the ear clips.


  16. I’m always yelling at my daughter to turn down the volume on her headphones! Teenagers arghhh!

  17. I have really poor hearing so I know ho wprecious our ears are and try to watch out for my kids in the same way. This is a fantastic giveaway!

    From that site I learned that the sound doesn’t do the damage, it is sound triggered molecules that grow in the ear that do the damage. This makes me want to do research. =)

    My daughter (the only one allowed to use an MP3 player so far), would love the earbuds.

  18. Great post. I have the volume control set on my ipod touch as my son loves listening to it in bed at night. He wanted his own ipod at christmas but we were worried about this very thing when we decided against it. He’s only 8 .. the earphones sound great.

  19. So I learned that there is ear-friendly equipment out there…love that!! I guess I’d like the earbud to give as a gift. 🙂 I don’t use headphones and my little ones are much too young.

  20. No. I am that anal too. But I didn’t know there was only a 25 decibel level difference between normal conversation and damaging sound.

  21. This is an awesome giveaway! I wasn’t aware that at 85 decibels…you can damage your ears…scary!

    I’d love to win..thanks!

  22. Wow, 85 decibels can damage your hearing! And a chainsaw is 100 decibals. That is really eye opening!

    I would take the ear buds!

  23. This is great. I was a Sign Language Interpreter for 3 years and majored in Deaf Education in College. I know about hearing loss and how preventable it is.

    These earphones are fantastic! I would want the clip ones, I think they would stay on little ears a lot better.

  24. I am so that kid! I know I have hearing loss because of doing it when I was younger. My kids aren’t into headphones yet, but I know it is just around the corner. Thanks for letting everyone know the dangers.

  25. Oh, that is SO cool! I love that … thanks so much for the awesome information on such an important topic!

  26. How cool! I am a vigilant mother just like you in this regard because like you say, hearing loss is irreversible. And I like my kids to hear me yell at them;)

  27. I had no idea that anything above 85db could hurt your hearing. DD already has issues with her ears I’m going to have her read this as well!
    I would love the earclips or earphones. We have small ears and I have yet to find earbuds that we can wear.

  28. I didn’t know that listening above the 85dB threshold is when hearing damage can begin. I think my kids talk that loud. Maybe that’s why I have brain damage!

    I would chose the headphones for the little guys.

  29. I didn’t know iPods can reach 120+ dB!! My kids are just starting to watch videos on my iPod — and I was already concerned about putting the volume up too high. I’m all for protecting their hearing!

    For the kids, I would get the headphones!

  30. Sounds louder than 85 decibels (dB) can damage your ears. A decibel is a unit that measures the intensity of sound on a scale from zero to 150. A normal conversation is about 60 dB. Chainsaws and bulldozers ring in at over 100 dB. And mp3 players can exceed 120dB!

    Love the earclips!


    addeviant006 at gmail dot com

  31. I always wonder how much those teenagers will be able to hear when they are 10 years older – the ones whose music you can hear as clear as anything when you are sitting 10 metres away!

    What bothers me about those earbuds – I’ve heard they can increase the bacteria levels inside te ear canal up to 700 times over a half hour of use. Have you heard that?

  32. I learned that mp3 players can actually go up to 120 dB.. That’s too loud!
    and that impulse sound can cause immediate damage.

    I’d love to win the headphones for my son. Thanks for the chance!

  33. I learned that I spent too much money on those fancy Bose headphones!

  34. Once the sensitive hairs have been killed they will not grow back.

    I would choose the headphones.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  35. I learned that damage to the structure of the hair cells can be caused by continual exposure to loud noises. THus causing in hearing loss and tinnitus.

    I would love the earbuds if I win.

  36. This is very interesting. Thanks for the links.

    My daughter isn’t the problem in this family, it’s my hubby! He loves his music LOUD and spent many years in punk bands when he was younger. Now he even notices that he can’t hear as well as I can (who did NOT spend hours moshing).

  37. Safe Volume™ Headphones keep the volume at a safe level at all times without any software to download or parental controls to install. These are great! I would like the headphones.

  38. I’d love the earbuds!
    I learned “Hair cells, are small sensory cells in the inner ear that convert sound energy into electrical signals that travel to the brain. Once damaged, our hair cells cannot grow back.”

  39. Anonymous says:

    good idea

  40. Wow, I had no idea that iPods and the like could go that loud! My husband has hearing loss from several sources (playing in loud bands much of his life, plus hereditary issues) and now has to wear custom made earplugs to continue his playing.

    I’d like the headphones if I win! I’d not been aware that such a product existed.

  41. Umm… we have hair cells in our ears? Our EARS? Didn’t know that at all. (Plus, once the hair cells die, they do not regenerate.)

    the headphones

  42. What I learned from mp3 players can exceed 120db — WOW!

    The next question: why? Why on earth would anyone make mp3 players that loud??

    I like the earclips or the earbuds but probably the earclips if I had to choose.

    Too cool!


  43. iHearSafe keeps the volume at a safe level at all times without any software to download or parental controls to install. Just plug and play! If I were to win I would pick the earbuds.

  44. Haha, I love the idea of requiring people to list what they’ve learned. I just found your blog today and am excited to add you to my reader. I’m considering a career in SLP and real-life, real-person viewpoints are very helpful.
    I learned that “most kids will stop stuttering by themselves.” I didn’t know that – I’ve been learning about typical phonological processes, but didn’t know that stuttering could be considered normal as well.
    If I win, I’d like the clips. Thanks!
    email olyglotpay at gmail dot com.

  45. ok, i’m an engineering, so i knew about the 85 db thing, but i learned that i can actually buy safe headphones for my girls, and that is making me smile! actually, good timing since hubs and i were looking into getting the girlie pies new headphones for the car DVD player. this ensures their safety and they get new headphones. so i need to win a pair..and then i’ll buy a pair!!!

  46. I didn’t know that an mp3 layer could register even louder than a chainsaw! I’d like the headphones for my son.

  47. Oops. I meant to say that I LOVE earbuds and would chose those should I win. THanks again for the chance!

  48. I love it. My hubby was a policeman for over 10 years and really suffered in the hearting dept. thank to all the shooting events.
    My 3 teens love their ipods and use them regularly.
    This is a great prize.

  49. Wow! What a great product. You are not alone in the “pull of the earphones” department. I refused to buy the earphones to go with my son’s Tag Reader for fear of hearing damage from being too loud. I really learned a lot from the website about the mechanics of noise induced hearing loss and how the hair cells become damaged. We would like the the headphones if we won. Thanks so much!

  50. I love that they don’t go above 85decibels. I’m always asking my son to turn his stuff down.

  51. came over from my sis in law thorn among roses, i’d looove those headphones!

  52. WHUH??

    Just kidding. I was intrigued by this post because I can’t hear very well in a crowd anymore…am I just “getting old” or is it all the times my little people have screamed in my ears, leaving them ringing? So far, I blame it on them.
    I thought the sound examples were really interesting. Also about the hair cells. I wonder if I’m turning my iPod up too high to hear it over the pounding of treadmills at the gym….

    Oh, and I’d choose headphones, so no one complains about weirdness of earbuds (’cause they would) –Thanks!

  53. We are so in need of some of these! win or lose I am so checking these out!! Thanks for the tip!

  54. How cool that these are mom-invented! Gotta love the power of moms. If we won, I’d love the earbuds to replace the ones my kids use with their iPods.

  55. Normal conversation is at 60 dB, and damage is caused at 80 dB?! YIKES!! Thanks to your information, you should have seen me this weekend when we traveled to a family bday party! When my 13-year old niece put her iPod earbuds in my 3-year old daughter’s ears, I immediately (but still attempting to be cool and relaxed! :-)) went to check on the volume level! 🙂

    Earbuds would be wonderful if I were lucky enough to win! 🙂 Thanks for holding the contest!

  56. they have a name for this type of hearing loss: Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

    Safe Volume™ EarClips – Silver

  57. Hey there!

    Awesome giveaway!

    I was thrilled to see that Dave Taylor had written about these. I was also thrilled to see that you had included links for noise environments with normal hearing and with hearing loss–I often find myself trying to explain to folks that 4 of 8’s hearing loss is not just about sound being quieter but that it morphs what she hears and that it is much worse in noisy environments…

    I love the ear clips–

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  58. I learned that continuous exposure to loud noise can damage the structure of hair cells. I would choose the headphones.
    pkildow at gmail dot com

  59. I didn’t know that mp3 players can exceed 120 dB. I would love to win the red earclips for my boys!

  60. Mp3 volume goes up that high?! What in the world??? (that’s what I learned) Maybe that’s why I’M always saying “what?”

    I’m going to have to re-read all that information though…as it’s ALL new to me.

    I’d love the earbuds for my girls.

  61. “Chainsaws and bulldozers ring in at over 100 dB.”

    How useful – I would take the headphones

  62. Anonymous says:

    charlenegale at yahoo dot com

    I learned hearing loss can occur at noises over 85 decibels and an mp3 player can go up to 120! I would want the headphones.

  63. What I learned was about the product in general! Had NO idea but, am constantly taking the headphones off to check volume on the 4 yr. old and 9 yr. old!!
    Thanks for the chance, the earbuds would be great.

  64. I learned that the earbuds come in colors! My daughter would love the blue ones, and that would make me less worried about her using them.

  65. This product is great. I learned that the only true way to prevent hearing loss regarding headphones is to have something like the iHearSafe headphones. My judging the volume by ear for my child guarantees nothing.
    I know my child would enjoy the earclips if I won.


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