Welcome to my Super Party!

If Only I Had Super Powers… I would get enough sleep each night, make sure all children are loved and cared for , sing like a diva , provide food for all , teleport , end poverty , get children to stop whining with a ” look “, teach everyone about Jesus , write amazing posts , cure pain and sickness , have a fabulous body with no effort involved , make people smile , pay good teachers the salary and respect they deserve, make a difference in the world .

Welcome! I wish my name was Super Woman. I am a Speech Pathologist working in an elementary school and wife (for 11 years!) to Professor X.

I am the proud mommy to two children: The Flash and Marvel Girl. Both were born in Korea and joined our family through the miracle of adoption. The Flash is in Kindergarten. He loves to create art and is a natural athlete. Marvel Girl recently started preschool in a bilingual ASL/English program.

Want to know even more about me? Visit my 100 Things About Me post.
Leave a comment and tell me what you would do if only you had Super Powers…

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  1. So nice to see someone I know at the party! Don’t party too hard!

  2. You DEFINITELY have my vote for most creative post! I love LOVE your blog! Poems, super-cool header, and therapy. What more can a girl ask for?!

    Thanks for stopping by. Have fun blog-hopping!

  3. love the spunk!
    I used to work in early intervention and we were always coveting for more speech therapist. you have a rewarding job.
    great blog!

  4. Great blog!!! My husband is a huge comic book fan….he’d like this!

  5. thanks for the creative blog of the night.

  6. i love your header!!!

    the superpower i wish for: to be able to make children sleep…

  7. Hi! I’ve actually seen your blog before! So cute. I’ll be back!

  8. Love your blog! If i had super powers I would magically help all you with clutter issues get organized via osmosis :-0 I’m a professional organizer LOL

  9. i would have a secret button to push on all of my /r/ kids.

  10. Ooh, a party. How did I not know about this?

  11. OH so much!!! If I had Super Powers, I would…
    Find a Cure for all cancers,
    Make sure there were no hungry folks out there,
    That the homeless had homes, the coatless had coats, the unloved kiddos were loved, I could go on an on I better stop.
    You have a terrific blog. I love how creative people are with their blogs.
    I am new to blogging and learning so much during the party today.
    Thanks for the invite to stop by during the Blog party.
    I am Aunt Rene from auntrene.blogspot.com
    Stop by sometime, Have fun!

  12. can i share your power super woman.lol.

    have fun partying!

  13. Another partier! I may have to join in. πŸ™‚

  14. Shoot, I was gonna participate in this again this year ~ I completely forgot!!! I wonder if this is how I actually met you last year. Hmmm, not sure.

    If I had just one superpower, it would be the ability to move at the speed of light. Then housework and other such odious tasks would hardly require any will-power at all!! And I’d still have all the idle time I do now ~ only I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about it!!

  15. If I had super powers I would be Bold when I had to be, Quiet when I need to be and Joyful all the time!!

    I’m delighted to find your blog and look forward to reading more!

    When you get the chance stop by and say hi. I’m writing about living an abundant life (on a budget).

    Enjoy the Party!


  16. Such a fun blog! Sounds very interesting – I love children’s lit and am always looking for good recommendations. I’ll be following you! πŸ™‚

  17. Happy UBP!!! I am a professional blog hopper:-) Nice to meet you!

  18. Love your blog!
    I will definitely be back!
    Happy Partying.

  19. Great blog! Super woman! WOO HOO FOR YOU! Have fun at the UBP2009!!!

  20. with my superpowers, i’d ensure every child access to clean water, meds, and food; add a few hours to every mom’s day; invent non-drippable ice cream; cure the common cold; make lima beans taste good; and determine where all those missing socks hide out in my dryer. among other things.

  21. I believe we first met during last year’s party. I do enjoy your blog.

    Have fun at this year’s parties. Just had to stop and say hello.

  22. Just stopping by to say hi for the party! Love your blog!

  23. GREAT and fun post!!! I can’t wait to read more!!! Take care and “talk” soon… πŸ™‚


  24. Your corner of the blogosphere makes me smile! You go girl. Be back soon.

  25. I am stopping by from the UBP. I too am a teacher and mother of a preschooler. I really want to wander around your site for some insight for my little one. Very creative post!!

  26. UBP 09 party hopper here. Party On!

  27. I think moms are super as it is. πŸ™‚

  28. I’m partying UBP’09! Enjoyed looking around your site! If I had a super power it would be to be able to record all my thoughts and then sort through them! πŸ™‚

  29. Hey girlfriend, I thought you were coming over to my party – was I supposed to be here? Darn it.
    Well, I brought some snacks and stuff anyway – crank that music up!
    And you ARE a Superhero, in case anyone had any doubts, you are!

  30. Hope you have a happy happy ultimate blog party week! πŸ™‚

  31. You’re a mom, therefore you are a Superhero! Love your blog!


  32. Happy UBP. I love the name of your blog. Dont’ we all wish for those super powers, sometime. Very clever idea for a blog. Enjoyed visiting your site and getting to know you!

  33. I feel you on the sleep! Hope you have a great time at the blog party!

  34. Hope you have a wonderful bloggy party!

  35. Hi, just popping in to Party. Your blog looks great.

  36. nice to meet you I love your blog happy parting

  37. How very cool you adopted your kids! We plan to adopt one in 5 or so years too! πŸ™‚ (we have 2 on our own and we want one more before we adopt)

  38. I’m very excited to meet you!!! I love meeting new bloggers through UBP!!!


  39. Sister I only wish you could send me some super powers!! I’ll take any that can get kids dressed, fed, and out the door in a timely manner on a school day. Oh and could you also add invisibility so I can follow them around and I would love to be able to mind read as well-okay, maybe not the mind reading!!! And could I also look like Wonder Woman?
    Happy partying:)

  40. Just LOVE your blog design! Too cute! I love your party! If I had superpowers, I would definitely watch over my daughter EVERY moment! πŸ™‚

  41. I love how bright and colorful your blog is. I second you on telling everyone about Jesus!

    I enjoyed the 100 things about you! I prefer diet pepsi and milk chocolate, but diet coke and dark choc. will do when I’m desparate.

    If I had super powers I would, among other things, cure cancer and restore my brother’s health to him.

    When I married my husband he wasn’t sure what he was going to pursue but he promised me he was no longer interested in being a pastor. I was happy because I told him I never wanted to be a pastor’s wife.

    Well, fast forward and guess what he is and guess what I am….guess the joke (and the blessing) is on me!

  42. Anonymous says:

    If I had super powers, I would never have to diet and be thin!
    Great Blog!


  43. Great blog! If I had super powers, my kids would NEVER misbehave again… awww, but that is all the fun, right?? haha! Nice to meet you! πŸ™‚

  44. Hello! Poppin’ in from The Ultimate Blog Party…all the way from Queensland, Australia! G’Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.


  45. I love your blog! I will be stopping back. Have fun blog hopping this weekend!

  46. Your blog looks so fun! I have no doubt that you will succeed in making a difference. I’m a new blogger, and I’m sure I’ll be stopping in to visit again soon. Happy partying, and have a blessed day!

  47. If only I had super powers, I would be able to teleport places so I didn’t have to drive anywhere through rush hour traffic, through road rage and worrying about having an accident.
    I absolutely love your webpage.

  48. hey! come and enter my giveaway and enjoy the party!

  49. Wow LOVE your blog and it’s nice to meet you!!!!!

    You made me laugh and kept me captivated!

    If I had super powers I would be able to keep all of my appliances that i needed running at the same time without kicking a circuit breaker! Have a great Party!

  50. Love your premise and your layout! Found you through UBP09.

    Drop by and visit anytime. I write a humor blog and am the mom of two teens. Graduating one in the spring by God’s grace!

  51. You have a very creative and original blog. I love it!

  52. It sounds like you have a very interesting life! So your kids were born in Korea… Did you travel there to pick them up, or did someone else bring them to the USA? My youngest niece is part Korean and we are trying to teach her some Korean words but even her dad doesn’t know much Korean. So far everyone’s favorite Korean word is “pongu!”

  53. I love what you did what this post. I’ve seen a few party-ers today, and I just love how you presented your blog πŸ™‚

    If I had super powers, my guess is that my list would look very similar to yours.

  54. Have fun going blog to blog… you are super woman!

  55. Found you from UBP! I like your weekly blog set up. Great! I was a special ed teacher for students k-3with moderate to severe disabilites. I stay at home with my son now. Miss the kids..but don’t miss the paperwork! πŸ™‚

  56. Loved your post … and your list of things you would do!

  57. Love at first sight with your blog – it’s GREAT! I’m a new and novice mommy blogger and I can’t wait to keep up with your fun blog.
    My current mommy super power to go to bed by counting sheep rather than singing songs from The Wiggles!
    Have fun at the Ultimate Blog Party!

  58. Wow! I love when I find another Mommy blogger who works full time. But this is even better. My hubby is a SAHD too! And I work in early intervention, so lots of my colleagues are SLPs. And I love Jesus too! I hope I can find your blog later. I’m using my company laptop and I can’t bookmark anything. I tried to follow you, but it didn’t work.

  59. Hiya from UBP!

    If only I had super powers…

    – I won’t be reeling from the sheer lack of sleep like I do now, almost every single day
    – My kid would fall asleep. Just. Like. That.
    – And won’t wake till 8-10 hours later.
    – I’d have a super memory and won’t have to keep writing everything down!

    Haha! Love your blog!

  60. you are crackin me up! LOVE your blog…found you through the PAR-TAY!! stop by mine for a quick visit πŸ™‚

  61. …if I had super powers, I would keep my daughter safe and healthy every moment of her life.

    The ability to magically freeze time to make more hours in the day would be nice too. πŸ™‚

  62. I Love your web site and post. Thank You for inviting me to the PARTY! I truly believe that every MOM deep down has super powers. We all NEED them, lol. I am the Mom of 10 children, 3 biological, 7 adopted 4 of which are special needs. Also the Mom (creator) of Lil Bit Country Candles

    Thank You again, I will visit often I am sure! Have an awesome weekend.

  63. Very nice to meet you. I found out about your through the UBP. Your blog is so cute! I’ll be back because I’m a little concerned about my daughter’s speech but then again she’s only 2 and a half…anyway I’ll be back.

  64. Stopping by from UBP, love the name of your blog…what I wouldn’t do for super powers…hmmmm πŸ™‚

  65. just mingling at the UBP. Love the blog!

  66. Nice blog! Coming over from the UBP party πŸ™‚

    I have twins and wish I had super powers every day! Life would be so much easier!

  67. Just stopping by on my party journeys! Love your blog!

  68. I LOVE the title of your blog! I look forward to reading more!

    Happy UBP 09!!

  69. Nice to meet you!

    Talk about a party!

    I’m quite intrigued and am learning how to get around!

    Just stopping by from 5minutes for moms blog party!

  70. Wow, your creativity impresses me! I hope you are enjoying the UBP!

  71. Happy UBP 2009 to you! Oh how I wish I had super powers, too. I’m lovin’ your blog…too cute! Party on girlie!

  72. Being a teacher now staying home, I love the books and ideas.

    Super powers. Can I clean my house with a snap of my fingers?

  73. I love your creative introduction! What fun! Come stop by my place for a visit!
    Life is Sweet

  74. What a creative site! Glad I found it in my party hopping. Nice to meet you!

  75. Your blog title is pretty great! It is so true–I wish I had super powers. Your blog is one I will visit again for sure!

  76. I have so much fun finding new blog sites like yours! Thanks for the fun blog party! Cindi

  77. Hey CC, it’s good to see you at the party! πŸ™‚

  78. Hello!!

    I wish I had superpowers, too!! I love your creativity!!!

  79. Wonderful blog! I love the superhero theme, too.

  80. Stopping over from the Party!! Love your blog!! Wish I had super powers! (Maybe freeze time?? I could use that one!)

  81. Coming by for the party!

  82. Love your blog! This is my first blog party and I’m having a blast! It was nice to have met you.

  83. I’m stopping by from the UBP. Thanks for inviting me in and introducing yourself!

    We’d love for you to stop by and visit us when you get a chance.

    Also, find out how we’ve received over $150 in FREE Amazon gift cards in just 2 months. You can, too. (top left sidebar)

    Happy partying!

  84. I’m just blog-hopping. Nice to meet you.

    charlies_secret_angel2006 at yahoo dot com

  85. Hi! I’m just stopping in through the party link list. Hope you’re enjoying the party experience!

    Stop in on my party if you’ve got a minute!

  86. Blog hopping from UBP09!!! What a wonderful colorful blog. Congrats on your adoptions. Come see me some time.

  87. I dream of superpowers, too! Although lately I seem invisible around here…NOT in a good way! (here as in home) lol

    Your blog is cute. Nice header.
    I’m interested to tune in on a Thursday, as my oldest (almost 5) has been going to Speech since October. He is doing very well, but will continue to go for at least a few more months. Interesting stuff!

    Stopping by from UBP. Come visit if you get a chance!

  88. Hi! Thought I’d stop by from the party and check out your blog. I’m an elementary school teacher and happen to have a child with Down syndrome. I look forward to reading more about your blog! Stop on by and take a look at mine.

  89. What a nice blog! My best friend from high school is finishing up her degree in speech pathology & she just loves it! I’ll have to send her a link to your site πŸ™‚

  90. I like this post idea … putting some fundamental facts down in one place to set the record straight so to speak. πŸ™‚

  91. Very cute!! If I had super powers my house would always be clean, there would be a fantastic meal on my table everyday and there would be no hunger or hatred in the world. Also, my oldest came to us through adoption and we are now in the process of adopting our third child. It is quite the miracle.:)

  92. Your name and background is incredibly awesome! Love your blog!

  93. Hey just jumped over from the party and thought I would leave a comment about how I enjoyed the concept of your blog. Thanks πŸ™‚

  94. Hello!! Nice to meet you!! I’m going to have to come back here for the tips! My son is getting Speech at school.

  95. wow, second comment from me today on your blog… the first was after just reading one of your entries… now I have read back through December and wanted to tell you that you have a new fan… will be adding you to my blog roll so I am sure to check for updates.

    My dd is slightly speech delayed… she is in 4yr old pre k and has came along way this year but I will be using some of your tips with her… you have a very fun site and great ideas for the little ones weather they are special needs or not….

  96. kimbrimom says:

    Party on!

  97. Ha! Now I know why you said you had to stop by my blog because of the name. We are kindred spirits apparently. πŸ™‚

    Married to Professor X, eh? My husband looks a bit like Mr. Fantastic. Glad we both found Superheroes for husbands!

    My little dancing clip on my blog was David B. from an episode of Angel. I’m still liking him on Bones though, I must admit!

  98. You probably already DO have superpowers that you take for granted. Like being able to know when something feels right (go with your gut) or when it tells you to run!

    Love the UBP!

  99. My son and I were talking about what super heros we wanted to be today. I actually choose Wonder Woman too! My son picked Spider Man in hopes that he could pick me up and swing us over the neighborhood to our house. That would be fun!

  100. Hi there! I found you through the UBP and really like your site! Oh to have super powers… what a dream that would be! I hope you stop by laugh-friendly!

  101. wow you have quite the flashy site. love it and love the concept. Glad I stopped by from the UBP

  102. Happy UBP!!!!! I have a daughter from Korea also : ) Nice to meet you. This is such a fun party. I love meeting new people. : )

  103. Cool blog!

    What would I do if I had super powers? Um…we won’t go there!

  104. I used to have the “look” until I met my kryptonite in a 5 year old girl with an iron will.

  105. I would never sleep because I would be busy “saving the world!”
    believedreamcourage (at) gmail.com

  106. I’m so glad to have found your blog, i will definitely subscribe to your blog. My son has a speech disorder and has since kindergarten. It has gotten better ,but he still has his lapses and he’s 17 now. You have some wonderful ideas! Party on!

  107. Hmmmm……after today I would say that if I had super powers it would be time travel. Jump me ahead about five years. My 14-year-old would be 19..yes, that would work just fine, thank you. πŸ˜‰

  108. I LOVE your idea behind your blog! Very unique! Have a great time partying!


  109. I wish I had some super powers too LOL
    off to do some party hopping

  110. Love the title of your blog! My super power would be to make things happen with a mere thought. I’m off to party some more. Up, up and away…..

  111. Greeting from Oman

    Now this is what i call unique. Great blog i will have to come back. I am just party hopping from UBP and wanted to say HI.

    Pass by when u can


  112. We are adopting from China a bringing home a boy this summer. Love to “meet”other adoptive moms. found you through UBP.

  113. Stopping by from the UBP! Really love how bright your blog colors are. Looking forward to reading more! πŸ™‚

  114. Your writing is so beautiful and powerful. Thank you so much for sharing. You have so much to share with you personal experience, knowledge and work. My son has language processing issues so I admire STs immensely.

    Please check out my blog, Lipstick Wisdom, and let me know what you think. When I post information on language processing issues — I will reference your blog. My son was the inspiration behind Lipstick Wisdom.

    Thank you,


  115. Let’s Party!!

    babychooch (at) gmail {dot} com

  116. Hi, I am a new blogger and love the site. I have my own 3 year old super hero so he will love seeing your pictures. I also have a 7 year old princess. I will be back soon to visit. Thanks for your blog.

  117. Cooking with kids says:

    You have a cool site. I am going to show it to my mom. She told me about the blog party at 5min4moms, so I wanted to visit your site. My name is Becca and I have a website about cooking and easy recipes for kids. Have your kids who like to cook stop by for a visit. We have videos of other kids cooking to make cooking easier. Thank you and have fun at the blog party!


  118. Christina – xristya@rock.com – I loved finding your site! Actually it’s the imperfections about a person that make them interesting, you know? This is my first blog party and I’m joining as an avid reader and not a blogger because my work entails too much writing daily, but I love finding new sites and yours is very interesting! I think you actually DO have super powers – you reached all these people who’ve left you comments, didn’t you?

  119. Hey! Just stopping by to work the room a little at the UBP!! You have a lovely blog and lovely family. Adoption is so wonderful and I am so happy for your little ones to have found loving parents a world away.

    Best to you and your family. And check out my Etsy store. I have some fantastic flashcards that would be perfect for your preschooler!

    Shannah at The Flashcard Zoo

  120. Love your header. Our blog focuses on children’s book reviews, so come on by! (http://infantbibliophile.blogspot.com). If I had superpowers, I could clean my house, whip up beautiful meals, pay my bills, and take care of my frighteningly long mental things to do list with a wave of my hand, and fly off with my son for an adventure.

  121. Love your blog especially the speech therapy thursday. Looks like you have some great ideas I can use with my son.

    Just popped in from the UBP Glad I found your site.

  122. Your blog is so visually appealing! I love all the bright colors! If I had super powers I’d finish all the projects that I start or by the materials to start, but never seem to have enough time in the day to complete!

    Please stop by and visit me! Leave a comment in response to “What I want to know about you” and sign up for my current giveaways!
    Pay It Forward and Frecklebox Personalized Children’s Gifts

  123. The superpower I would most love to have (although I don’t know that this would be a superpower) is to be able to wiggle my nose and have a clean house. The rest of the “Bewitched” stuff doesn’t matter, I just want a clean house. By just wiggling my nose.

    I love your blog, I have actually been stalking for awhile. My son has some speech issues, last time we had him tested, they said that his speech problems weren’t bad enough for therapy.

  124. Just stopping by for the party although I have stopped by before and am sure that I will again, With all the responses you are getting you may not have the chance but if you can, stop by as I have a little give-away.

  125. What a fun and creative site. Just stopping in for the party and glad I did. Take care. Trish

  126. Hi! Just stopping by via the UB Party. I love the name/theme of your blog. You’ll have to stop by and read my post about a recent discussion on super heroines from the 70s (a few days back). All the best!

  127. Cool post! I’ll definitely have to check out your blog more later… (I’m just bookmarking everyone right now, while I blog-hop my way through the party :-p)

    Feel free to check out my blog, too! While I found the party too late to be part of the official prize giveaways, I do have a door prize at my blog: I’m giving away a free print copy of my book, “Two Snowflakes.” Here’s my address: http://twinhappyjen.blogspot.com/

    It was nice to meet you!

  128. Very cool blog! I’ll be sure to revisit. It’s a pleasure meeting you…off to the next blog.

  129. Creative blog! Love it! I saw it on UBP.

  130. hmmmm, if I had super-powers, I would help everyone make enough money to live the life they deserve. Since I don’t I can only help you keep your house clean, eat healthy, and stay motivated.

  131. What a wonderful blog! I love that you do those speech therapy tips. Party on!

  132. Waving to you from the desert! What a great party! Two of my three boys have had speech therapy and my four year old was diagnosed this week with apraxia of speech. So therapy is going to be a way of life for a while. But he’s such a cool kid! πŸ™‚

    Feel free to stop on by when you get a chance. You have a serious amount of comments to go through! lol And if you don’t do it today, feel free to do it sometime next week. I don’t mind. πŸ˜‰

  133. ROTFL, I love the name of your blog! Found you through the UBP 2009. Let’s see…if *I* had superpowers, I’d be able to get myself some dinner treetz instead of having to beg for them. Woof!

  134. Nice to meet you, stopping by for the party. If i had supper powers i would be able to get my kids to fall asleep with a magic touch, I would be able to generate money in my wallet with a blink of the eyes. and so many other things. Have a great party.

  135. I’m late to the party as usual, but better late than never. I enjoy your blog and I’ll be back when I have more time.

  136. Sorry I’m very late! So many blogs to go through that a week just isn’t enough time. ha

    I just wanted to say that your title holds so true for me. As a child I had always wished I could be like Samantha on Bewitched. Now that I’m a mom and much older like in my 40’s I still wish I was Samantha! Even more now though. ha

    Visit me anytime. It doesn’t have to be party time.

  137. Blog Party Woohoo! Talk about fashionably late, right, sorry. I have been sick which left me in a fog all last week, so I am still trying tomake my rounds. Better late than never I figured. Anyway, hope you had a great week at the UBP. Hope to see you again sometime!

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