Young Love

or: How The Flash and his girlfriend spoiled Christmas for the other Kindergarteners

My 5 year old has it bad, real bad, for a towhead girl in his class.

Although they are totally opposite in some ways (he’s dark skinned, dark haired, and was born an ocean away, she’s local, “white-haired”, and resembles a phantom), she is his perfect match. She can run like the wind. She can climb tall trees. She’s a boy. In a skirt.

How does this young love play out?

  • He draws her pictures and write “books” for her. Daily.
  • He talks about her. Constantly.
  • He invites her over for a play date and obsesses about it. Every moment.
  • He’s teamed up with her to tell the rest of the Kindergarten class that Santa isn’t real.

WHAT?! I almost throttled him when he admitted this information.

We have tried to be honest about how Santa is a fairy-tale. Santa’s great fun to talk about and watch movies about, but he isn’t true. Why are we spoil-sports? Because I don’t want him ever to come back to me and question our family’s faith as a “fairy-tale”. I don’t want him to say “If mom lied to me about Santa, what about Jesus?”

But to tell the class and spoil their fun? That was never my intention.

So yesterday I tried to teach him a social trick that I tell some of my students: Just smile and nod .

His response? “No way!”


My son, the Grinch.

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  1. Cute pictures! I completely agree with you on the whole Santa thing. Unfortunately, I was outnumbered by EVERYONE in our families. So looks like Santa will live here in our house :S

  2. Fabulous pictures. Perfect captures of childhood. And what a fun memory for you both to look back on….wouldn’t it be perfect if they actually ended up together????

  3. Hey, he is just being honest! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That is so cute. My best friend was a boy when I was little. My neighbor boy. We were the exact same age and had the best of times together. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. gorgeous pics! that whole santa thing’s a touch one. we prefer to focus on the ‘magic’ of christmas

  5. The Santa thing, that’ll be my boy in a year or so.
    Do share how you did the damage control on that one.

  6. lol…well at least you know what team he bats for…that is a good thing….and lord..can you imagine all those convos those kids had that night with their parents??? Many a household was having the Santa talk…..

  7. As fer as the parents of those newly-informed other children – natural consequences! (You send ’em to school to ‘socialize’ and it happens!)

    I wouldn’t call the match ‘perfect’ until I knew more about the girl’s parents – lol!

  8. Now wait…what’s that about Santa?

    This was so funny. It’s one of those moments that are so hilarious — when it’s someone else’s kid.
    It reminds me of the scene in Napoleon Dynamite, when the school bus full of kids, pulls up just in time for the kids to watch the old farmer shoot his cow.
    if you haven’t seen the movie, that little comment won’t make any sense at all.

  9. Oops! Sounds like a very bright little boy!

  10. Young love! They’re precious.

    We didn’t do Santa. When the girls got to the age where we worried they would spill the beans, we told them that Santa is a game that some families play and some families don’t. So please don’t ruin the game for their family. It put them on the other kids’ side instead of against them, and made them feel like they were in on a secret.

  11. How funny!

    My parents also chose the same tactic you are using. I was the one who spoiled Christmas for my kindergarten class.

  12. Haha, that’s just like my girls ~ spoiling Santa for everyone! Ah well, it’s not that different from what their mother did in her younger years….. {ehem.}

    Great pictures! Young love is so cute and innocent!!

  13. Those pics are priceless. My kiddos are way little, and I feel kind of like a stinker on the whole Santa topic:P

  14. Girl, I’m so with you on your Santa thing…and I struggled with the same thing with all three of my kids. When I told them I believed in something, I wanted them to trust me. Meanwhile I had people very close to me (who shall remain nameless, in case they read this) that thought I was being mean.
    My oldest two were good at keeping the secret. My youngest–loved to tell the truth about the big guy in red.

  15. The pictures are darling!
    Santa and Christmas are a fine line to walk. One wants the kids know the real reason for the season, but also not to miss out on the fun of gift giving…..

  16. Those pictures are so cute! I love that she is “a boy in a skirt” and that of course she is his perfect match! How sweet!!

  17. I love The Flash… but if he tells my boys there is No Santa, we may have to get into it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Love the pictures & the story of young love. Sigh, I’m sort of looking forward to & dreading C’s first crush. So very sweet, yet so very much ‘growing up too fast’.

    While Santa does receive a letter each year, does eat cookies & drink chocolate milk and leaves presents – we do talk heavily about that origin of St. Nicholas evolving into “Santa”, how good it feels to give to others, etc… so that when the time comes it should roll pretty easy from “Santa isn’t real” to “Santa lives in each of us”.

    Tag, you’re it!
    Share 7 things about yourself that we don’t already know & then ‘tag’ 7 other bloggers. Have fun!

  19. Ah, puppy love! The pictures are adorable.

  20. LOL!!! That’s cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the pictures, they are adorable.

  21. That is so sweet, and I love the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL at his comment!

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