And now a break from our regular schedule

We temporarily interrupt our normal (Speech) Therapy Thursday to bring you (Mental Health) Therapy Thursday.

It’s been that kind of week:

  • The Full Moon Lunar Beasts emerged
  • Marvel Girl woke up hurling
  • I slept less than 4 hours most nights
  • My Baby Signing Class to start this weekend will probably be canceled due to lack of enrollment
  • I had a parent alternating between crying and reaming me out because I told her about all the behavioral concerns I had for her son
  • And let’s not forget that dreaded IEP from a few weeks ago… I just found out that the parent wants to make a state complaint. Fantastic.

Want speech tips?
See my Saturday’s post on 5 Minutes for Special Needs: Thanksgiving Jokes and uses of AAC.

Today though? Let’s talk chocolate .

Specifically, Chocolate Toffee Cookies.

My pictures don’t make you want to lick the screen the same way that Smitten Kitchen’s photos do, but you get the idea.

My only modifications of this fabulous and amazing recipe were that I nixed the nuts (I hate nuts in baked goods), and was too cheap to buy Heath bars…. so I made my own toffee.

English Toffee
Melt 1 cup butter
Add 3 Tbs. water and 1 cup sugar
Boil on med/high, stirring constantly until color changes (11-13 minutes). Pour and immediately spread thinly on cookie sheet
Sprinkle 1 cup chocolate chips and spread
Break with fingers

And please learn from my mistakes. Carefully measure out your butter before adding it to the double boiler.

Here’s to a better week–
Wishing you chocolate dreams, new moons, good health, and super powers!

And wishing ME these amazing boots that OHMommy is giving away. Because I have zero pairs of trendy shoes. None, zip, nada. Please do not go over there and join in the giveaway. ‘Cuz I really, really would like to win.

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  1. Oh yes! We can talk chocolate anytime!! :o) Hope your week gets better!

  2. Ah…luckily it’s almost over….and next week you can OD on Tripdafan….ohhh and if you haven’t gotten quite enough chocolate….I posted about my chocolate fix of butterscotch brownies….must have been on the same wavelength….

  3. Ooh yummy. I will embrace the chocolate and send good wishes your way.

    I’m so impressed. Homemade toffee!

  4. Those look like some gooey yummy cookies — bring it on!

    Sorry the Friendship Bread didn’t work out for you. What recipe did you use? I tried one that had instant pudding in it — YUCK!

    The original is the one I posted.


  5. I’ll take a chocolate interruption anytime. Maybe these cookies will be the beginning of better times coming your way. Here’s hoping!

  6. Teaching (or any kind of classroom work) would be awesome if there were no parents involved eh?
    Wishing you sleep this weekend.

  7. I hope things get to be a little better for you! Those cookies look fabulous! Way to go with the recipe and thanks for sharing.

  8. Crossing my fingers that the trendy boots find their way home to you. 😉

  9. You deserve those boots, and some chocolate, after the week you’ve had. Sheesh!!!

  10. Sorry to hear about the sickness and the other disappointments. We’ve had a little sickness around here, too.

    hang in there!

  11. I want those cookies!

    I once had a mother threaten to beat me down when I tried to discuss her son’s anger management issues. Fun, fun.

  12. I made brownies last night… great minds think alike.

    I’m so sorry about your cruddy week.

  13. Sorry you are having a rough week!!

    Hope that chocolate helped….it looked good!!

    Take Care,


    PS….Those boots do rock…don’t they??

  14. Despite your difficult week, you delight us readers! You’re good, CC!

  15. love all the chocolate goodies – I have to say that ONCE – A new OT that was hired at a facility we had been going to for a year – seeing my son for the first time – physically HELD my son down in a chair and when I walked in to ask what the problem was – She told me I had behavioral issues with my son and he didn’t need OT. This was within 15 minutes of seeing him. I was furious – FUMING!!!!! I left that facility – complained to the director and never returned!!!
    BUT – I’m on your side on this one!!

  16. Your cookies rule because you took the time to make your own toffee!!
    Dending chocolate filled wishes your way. 🙂

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