A royal move

Screenshot 2013-12-27 13.32.59Clipart by: Kari Bolt and Creative Clips

Once upon a time there was a young king and queen who were looking for a place to live. They found a ugly home in a nice neighborhood at a great price and they took a risk and purchased it. It was two blocks away from the king’s graduate school program and close to the park and fast food. They spent the first summer ridding the home of millions of dead bugs, cat urine smells, and doors that would fall over if you sneezed too hard. They spent the next years replacing the single-paned windows, painting, planting gardens and fruit trees, putting on a new roof, and replacing the sewer line.
As time passed, the young king and queen became, well, less young. A prince and princess joined the family, quickly potty-trained and started demanding exorbitant amounts of time on the one royal throne. Visiting royal family continued to come once or twice a year and sleep on an air mattress in the study.  Rodents and insects continued to view it as their castle. The king became ill and could no longer walk the two blocks to his school. He dropped out. The family no longer could walk to the park and fast food. And the “gardens” became a weed-park that took over every spare minute of the queen’s extra time.

Then the (less than practical) queen got the idea stuck in her head to move from their small castle to another castle. A castle with more than one royal throne and a garage and a smaller yard. The king rolled his eyes in dismay at the idea but agreed to play along. Much to his dismay, she actually found a replacement castle, only slightly out of their price range. Although the royal roof needed replacement, and the royal floors needed to be re-done, they took a deep breath and jumped into this new scary adventure.

They prayed that the national treasury would finally come through and pay the disability the king had applied for several years ago. They prayed that friends and family would help them with this move so that they king was disturbed as little as possible (a rough move could be the end of him!). And they crossed their fingers that not moving out of the school district was actually a good decision.

The end.

(Unless you are one of the royal friends and family referred to previously, then please help us out!!!!!)

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