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October Speech Lesson Plans 2014

Screenshot 2014-09-27 05.54.07I adore October for 2 reasons: Pumpkins and Chocolate.

I also enjoy the creativity that goes along with Halloween celebrations and the crafts and celebrations (although not the scary ones… I don’t like those!)

So I am really excited to have my lesson planning done for this next month. It’s going to be so much fun!

You can download your FREE lesson plans here. These plans are separated by level (Level 1: grades K-1, Level 2: grades 2-3, Level 3: grades 4-5, PreK: early language developing, Social: elementary age social skills). They include a column for targeted goals to write down specific goals for each students/group. There is even room for quick data right on the form!Screenshot 2014-09-27 05.54.53

Look at what I’ll be doing!

Screenshot 2014-09-27 06.27.42 Screenshot 2014-09-27 06.39.59 Screenshot 2014-09-27 06.40.05 Screenshot 2014-09-27 06.40.31 Screenshot 2014-09-27 06.41.11 Screenshot 2014-09-27 06.41.17 Screenshot 2014-09-27 06.41.28






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  1. I love looking at and using your lesson plans! I work in a middle school so it is hard for me to find materials that work for this age but I can always adapt yours if I need to! I am having a hard time planning lessons for the upcoming months with so many different groups, comprised of so many kids ( I am new to the school setting). Thank you for helping me! Any advice/suggestions on lesson planning would be much appreciated!

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